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See the Instagram Photos of One of the Men Just Arrested on Veteran’s Day Terror Attack Charges

See the Instagram Photos of One of the Men Just Arrested on Veteran’s Day Terror Attack Charges |
"Five Australian teenagers were arrested Saturday on suspicion of plotting an Islamic State group-inspired terrorist attack at a Veterans’ Day ceremony that included targeting police officers, officials said.
The suspects included two 18-year-olds who are alleged to have been preparing an attack at the ANZAC Day ceremony in Melbourne later this month, Australian Federal Police Acting Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan told reporters."

Holi crapoli! This is scary!---Europe faces a 'real threat' from Russia, warns US army commander

Europe faces a 'real threat' from Russia, warns US army commander - Telegraph:
"The commander of the US army in Europe has warned that Nato must remain united in the face of a "real threat" from Russia.
"It's not an assumption. There is a Russian threat," Lt-Gen Frederick "Ben" Hodges said.
"You've got the Russian ambassador threatening that Denmark will be a nuclear target if it participates in any missile defence programme. 
And when you look at the unsafe way Russian aircraft are flying without transponders in proximity to civilian aircraft, that's not professional conduct."
Gen Hodges spoke to the Telegraph on the sidelines of a military debriefing after an exercise to move live Patriot missiles 750 miles across Europe by road and deploy them on the outskirts of Warsaw.
The sight of a US military convoy crossing the German-Polish border more than 20 years after the end of the Cold War made international headlines and brought traffic to a standstill as people posed for selfies beside the troops.
The intention of such a highly visible deployment was to send a signal, Gen Hodges said.
"That's exactly what it was about, reassuring our allies," he said."

Here’s Why One Former Gov. Is Telling Christians Not to Join the Military |

Here’s Why One Former Gov. Is Telling Christians Not to Join the Military |

"Mickelson asked Huckabee to comment on a Washington Times article which claimed Christians are being driven from the U.S. military’s “hostile work environment.”

“This administration has had an open hostility toward the Christian faith,” Huckabee responded.

He continued:"

One creepy old lady-----Candidate Hillary Clinton Releases “Rules” that “Everyday Americans” Must Follow If Participating In Her Events…

Candidate Hillary Clinton Releases “Rules” that “Everyday Americans” Must Follow If Participating In Her Events… | The Last Refuge
The Clinton Rules for meeting candidate Clinton are coming to light. 
After recent events in Iowa some reporters were able to talk to the limited number of  “everyday Americans” who participated in her presidential rollout.
♦ Rule #1.  Pre-Approval of your personage is required.
♦ Rule #2.  You must sign releases to allow the campaign control over all content while you are present.
♦ Rule #3.  All of your electronic devices and cell phones must be turned over to handlers – and they will be returned only at the conclusion of the event.
♦ Rule #4.  You will be transported to undisclosed location(s).  You will not be informed of your destination until arrival.
Nothing like a little Clintonian paranoia to help Hillary connect to the unwashed masses.

EXACTLY how Hitler's brown shirts" destroyed their political enemies------- Leftist Protesters Violently Storm University Of Michigan’s Board Of Regents Meeting, Eight Arrested

Leftist Protesters Violently Storm University Of Michigan’s Board Of Regents Meeting, Eight Arrested | Weasel Zippers
Forget law, you will give us what we want, or we will run right over you.
Here’s for what expulsion rules were written.brown shirts"
Via Twitchy:
Mere minutes into Thursday afternoon’s board of regents meeting at the University of Michigan, a group of protesters affiliated with the group BAMN (“By Any Means Necessary”) stormed past barricades, upended tables and rushed the regents themselves.
Eight were reported arrested, only one of whom was a University of Michigan student.
BAMN describes itself on its website as a movement “fighting to defend public education, to defeat budget cuts for education, to defend public jobs and public services, to win college financial aid and citizenship for undocumented immigrant students, and to make every school, college, city, municipality and state a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants,” among other goals.

Will Michigan republicans stomp out energy competition? And new businesses?----Open Michigan electric market to (some) competition

Milojevic, Wells: Open Michigan electric market to (some) competition:
...Michigan energy customers have recently been subjected to a barrage of television ads warning of the impending “energy crisis.”
The ads and testimony on the “new” energy plan claims that the current incumbent utility energy companies are the only ones capable of providing reliable energy.
This simply isn’t the case.
All of Michigan’s energy producers are held to the exact same standards as the two leading providers.
Dow Chemical, the largest corporate energy consumer in North America, and one of Michigan’s leading employers, utilizes energy derived from the natural gas-fired facility Midland Cogeneration Venture, an independent power producer with an excellent record for safe, reliable and affordable power production.
With the utility monopoly model, independent power producers are simply not provided with a level playing field to introduce healthy energy-market competition. 
This is a direct harm to Michigan consumers and industrial energy users alike.
The opportunity to bring this healthy dimension into the fold is now.

Shocking Images Released by Authorities in Texas Show Individuals Cross Border With Drugs, Guns |

Shocking Images Released by Authorities in Texas Show Individuals Cross Border With Drugs, Guns |

"The Texas Department of Public Safety released images this week showing individuals walk across the southern border at night — in many cases carrying drugs or firearms.

The pictures were captured by a network of motion-detection cameras placed on the Texas-Mexico border as part of a program in collaboration with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection called Operation Drawbridge."

Public/private partnership. That's Fascism, folks!-----Surprised solar customers find themselves with liens

Surprised solar customers find themselves with liens -
"Jeff Leeds says installing SolarCity’s panels on the roof of his home in the Northern California city of El Granada was the sorriest day of his life.
Agreeing to the company’s 20-year lease was like partnering with the devil, he claims.
He says he has endured skyrocketing electric bills, installation of an inferior system and contract violations because SolarCity refuses to clean the panels or to provide a payment for his system’s poor performance.
The latest surprise: a notice from his bank telling him that SolarCity had placed a lien on his home, and that his equity line of credit application could not proceed until the lien was removed.
“I was totally surprised by this and very pissed off,” Leeds said.
...SolarCity say it’s not a lien, but a “fixture filing” that stakes the company’s claim to the panels, which it owns if consumers have taken part in its popular lease program.
Owning the solar electricity-generating system allows SolarCity to claim lucrative state and federal subsidies available only to system owners.
SolarCity has received approximately $500 million in tax subsidies and grants over the years."

The Sham Candidacy of Hillary Clinton — and What It Means for the Republic | Unexamined Premises

The Sham Candidacy of Hillary Clinton — and What It Means for the Republic | Unexamined Premises:
The only reason an HRC candidacy is even plausible is the influence of the legacy media, which has simply declared, by fiat, her suitability and her inevitability.
Let us please stipulate that in a rational world, a woman like Hillary Rodham Clinton would have absolutely no chance of being nominated for, much less elected, president of the United States. 
She has achieved nothing, accomplished nothing (unless you count the four dead Americans at Benghazi, for which she will ultimately be held responsible); Clintonian quote
she is an exremely poor public speaker, full of annoying verbal and physical tics;
she is legendarily dishonest;
she is a hard-core Alinskyite;
and in general a wretched human being.
By rights, she should be laughed off the stage, the same way the smart set laughed at Lurleen Wallace, who succeeded her husband George Wallace, the racist Democrat, as governor of Alabama back in 1967.  
She has no natural political constituency, except the manufactured “women’s vote,” and no rationale for her candidacy except that it’s “time” for a woman president, just as it was “time” for a part-black African, part-Arab, half-white, paternally cultural Muslim to pass for a traditional African-American Christian and be elected president in 2008."

Adapting to or Preventing a Coming Ice Age

Articles: Preventing a Coming Ice Age
"...There is little that can be done to mitigate the 1500-year cycles, if indeed they are controlled by solar activity.  
Here, adaptation may provide the only means of dealing with the disastrous effects of the cold periods.  
Research should be directed to discovering the best methods of countering the damaging impacts of cooling on human populations.
The Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) occurred about 18,000 years ago, with the Great Lakes a remnant of this recent glaciation.  
...The onset of the next glaciation, another ice age, is widely expected.  
It would spell a severe test for humanity but would probably not terminate human existence on the planet.  
It would not match the ultimate catastrophe, the impact of a large asteroid, such as occurred 65 million years ago at the beginning of the Tertiary, which wiped out the dinosaurs.
The survival of the human race depends very much on advanced technology.  
This is especially the case for climate change.  
Good-quality agricultural land will be limited; but hothouse yields could be high.  
An efficient distribution system could alleviate the threat of starvation for a reduced population.  Nuclear energy, based on uranium/thorium fission and on fusion reactors, may provide the mainstay of civilization.  
We may well be living underground, but not necessarily in caves.
I can visualize a possible international collaboration that might involve three teams in North America, Europe, and Asia, working independently and using their own satellite systems...
Stopping the next ice age appears to be well within our technical capability and carries a huge benefit-to-cost ratio.  
An investment of millions would prevent the loss of trillions of dollars.

Woman Comes Home to Find Cops Surrounding Her House. They Don’t Have a Warrant but They Tell Her Something Outrageous — and It’s Because Her Son Spoke Up in School. | Video |

Woman Comes Home to Find Cops Surrounding Her House. They Don’t Have a Warrant but They Tell Her Something Outrageous — and It’s Because Her Son Spoke Up in School. | Video |

"Picture this: You pull into your driveway, hop out and find half a dozen police officers and social workers who, without having a warrant, bar you from your own home.

It’s what happened to one woman in Kansas last month."

THEY will tell you what you will see!-----Muslim Students Rush Stage, Force the Cancellation of the University’s ‘American Sniper’ Showing

Muslim Students Rush Stage, Force the Cancellation of the University’s ‘American Sniper’ Showing | John Hawkins' Right Wing News:
"The Student Body President Desmond Miller and EMU President Susan Martin get an ‘A’ in dhimmitude and cowardice.
They caved in record time when approximately 35 students (all either Muslims or useful idiots) stormed the stage during a showing of American Sniper.
Chris Kyle was a genuine American hero and the greatest military sniper in history.
He was known for taking down our enemies… now our enemies, who have infiltrated our universities, are taking down America."

BOOM! The Video That Could Rock Hillary Clinton's Campaign OFF ITS FOUNDATION!

BOOM! The Video That Could Rock Hillary Clinton's Campaign OFF ITS FOUNDATION! - Allen West Republic

“This week, AmericaRising released an ad on Hillary Clinton. I usually don’t like, nor commentate on these kinds of ads.
But this ad, is without a doubt, the most effective anti-campaign ad that I’ve ever seen. And it shows Conservatives the blueprint on how to beat Hillary. Attack the dishonesty. I’ve been saying this for years. Hillary Clinton is more than a slimy politician, she’s a compulsive liar. She lies about big things, but more importantly, she lies about little things when she thinks that nobody’s watching. For no reason! Ignore the “sexism” claims from the left, speak freely, and focus on this. Watch below. It’s a must.”

History for April 19

History for April 19 -
Hugh O'Brian 1930 - Actor ("The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp"), Jayne Mansfield (Vera Jane Palmer) 1932 - Actress ("It Takes a Thief"), Dick Sargent 1933 - Actor ("Bewitched", "Fantasy Island")

Elinor Donahue 1937 - Actress ("Father Knows Best", "The Andy Griffith Show", "Pretty Woman"), Al Unser, Jr. 1962, Suge Knight 1965 - Record company executive (Tha Row) 

Ashley Judd 1968 - Actress, James Franco 1978 - Actor ("Milk", "Spider-Man"), Maria Sharapova 1987 - Tennis player

1587 - English admiral Sir Francis Drake entered Cadiz harbor and sank the Spanish fleet. 

1775 - The American Revolution began as fighting broke out at Lexington, MA. 

1892 - The Duryea gasoline buggy was introduced in the U.S. by Charles and Frank Duryea. 

1943 - The Warsaw Ghetto uprising against Nazi rule began. The Jews were able to fight off the Germans for 28 days. 

1951 - General Douglas MacArthur gave his "Old Soldiers" speech before the U.S. Congress. In the address General MacArthur said that "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away." 

1982 - NASA named Sally Ride to be first woman astronaut. 

1989 - A gun turret exploded aboard the USS Iowa. 47 sailors were killed. 

1993 - The Branch-Davidian’s compound in Waco, TX, burned to the ground. It was the end of a 51-day standoff between the cult and U.S. federal agents. 86 people were killed including 17 children. Nine of the Branch Davidians escaped the fire. 

1994 - A Los Angeles jury awarded $3.8 million to Rodney King for violation of his civil rights. 

1995 - The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK, was destroyed by a bomb. It was the worst bombing on U.S. territory. 168 people were killed including 19 children, and 500 were injured. Timothy McVeigh was found guilty of the bombing on June 2, 1997. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

BREAKING: Muslims Finally Drop Bombshell Exposing the REAL Obama... This Explains Everything

BREAKING: Muslims Finally Drop Bombshell Exposing the REAL Obama... This Explains Everything:

"Two commentators on different Middle Eastern television networks, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, both claim that Obama is working to side with Iran because his father from Kenya was a Shiite Muslim.
“Barack Hussein Obama is the son of a Shiite father,” said London-based Iranian opposition activist Abu Muntasir Al-Baloushi. “There is no doubt that he is Iran’s lifesaver. Some people call him the Iranian lobby in America. He suffers from a peculiar complex.”

Both sides stuffing the ballot box------Everything progressivism touches, it ruins. Now it’s the geeks’ turn

Everything progressivism touches, it ruins. Now it’s the geeks’ turn
The College Fix and sites like it are chock full of anecdotes about how radical progressivism is actually the very antithesis of what it purports to be about: tolerance, understanding and diversity.
Today’s “snowflake” college students need “safe spaces” in which to take refuge from things like “microaggressions,” and while screaming about how delightfully “tolerant” they are, the slightest bit of intellectual, academic, and even comedic discomfort will suddenly send them into a paroxysm of self-righteous indignation and hurt.
This trend has infected even the geekiest of the cultural landscape.
The Weekly Standard notes how social justice warriors — SJWs — have attempted to “cleanse” … science fiction literature:
For more than 50 years, the Hugo Awards have been handed out at the annual World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) to honor the best science fiction and fantasy writing of the previous year. But when the nominees for this year’s Hugos were announced, it touched off a firestorm unlike any in the awards’ history.
That’s because so many of this year’s nominees are perceived (not always correctly) to be conservative or libertarian. A group of right-leaning science fiction authors organized a campaign to stuff this year’s Hugo Awards ballot with writers they felt had been overlooked...
 ...The field of comic books hasn’t been immune to this sort of nonsense, either.
Last year, writer Chuck Dixon and artist Paul Rivoche lamented in the Wall Street Journal  how “How Liberalism Became Kryptonite for Superman”:
The industry weakened and eventually threw out the CCA, and editors began to resist hiring conservative artists. One of us, Chuck, expressed the opinion that a frank story line about AIDS was not right for comics marketed to children. His editors rejected the idea and asked him to apologize to colleagues for even expressing it.Soon enough, Chuck got less work.

Video: Things Get Awkward When Students Are Asked for ‘Biggest Reason’ They Plan to Vote for Hillary | Video |

Video: Things Get Awkward When Students Are Asked for ‘Biggest Reason’ They Plan to Vote for Hillary | Video |

"When Campus Reform’s Caleb Bonham asked several students at the University of Washington for the “biggest reason” they planned to vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, he received the same answer from several of them: because she’s a woman.

“Tell me the one reason why you would support a Hillary Clinton presidency,” Bonham asked one female student.

“Because she’s a woman,” the student answered. “So, diversity, you know.”

But, but... Obama tells us there is NO inflation-------Michigan State trustees OK hike in room-and-board rates

Michigan State trustees OK hike in room-and-board rates - Crain's Detroit Business:
"EAST LANSING — Michigan State University students will pay a bit more this fall to live and eat in on-campus residence halls.
The school's board of trustees voted Friday to increase room-and-board rates by 3.5 percent for the 2015-16 academic year.
The double-room rate for undergraduate students will go up by $132 to $3,912 per year. Students using the silver unlimited dining plan will pay $5,562 per year, an increase of $188.
Rent at university apartments also will go up by 1 percent and 2 percent.
Auxiliary enterprises vice president Vennie Gore said the costs of food, labor and other items continue to rise."

"Special Interests" who paid Obama for that "Special Treatment"------Why Are The Obamacare Exchanges Such A Mess?

Why Are The Obamacare Exchanges Such A Mess?
Obamacare was fashioned by special interests – all of whom were very self-interested. 
They chose to mandate a health insurance plan that they wanted for themselves – without ever asking whether it was appropriate for moderate income families living paycheck to paycheck. 
They imagined an electronic exchange with all kinds of bells and whistles, without ever asking the techie folks whether this had ever been done before. 
Or even if it could be done.
The result has been disaster.
Take the state of Oregon. 
Grace-Marie Turner writes:
Oregon, under then-Gov. John Kitzhaber, aspired to create a shining model for other ObamaCare exchanges, but instead, it became its poster child of dysfunction. After spending more than $300 million in federal taxpayer dollars, Oregon pulled the plug last year and decided to default to the federal exchange.
The state is now involved in lawsuits with Oracle, the primary vendor and the federal government could actually ask for its $300 million back. 
Like the federal exchange (, the Oregon exchange seems to have been designed by people who knew a lot about health care, but nothing about technology:
One after another, Cover Oregon directors were fired and replaced, but never with anyone who had IT experience or expertise. Deadlines were missed, directives were repeatedly changed, and state officials ultimately refused to meet with the Oracle contractors who were trying to, and ultimately did, salvage the project.
Things are not much better in other parts of the country. 
Here is a state round up (HT: Michael Cannon) from
Go to link!

Exposed: Hillary Clinton Is A Fraud In Iowa

Exposed: Hillary Clinton Is A Fraud In Iowa:

"It starts with this exclusive report from The Daily Mail about how Hillary’s campaign staff actually RECRUITED and DROVE the “ordinary” Iowans to her campaign stop. One of them was even a Democrat operative who drove Joe Biden around the state because when they asked for volunteers, he stood still while everyone else took a step back–including the guy in the wheelchair. Maybe Chuck Todd and I have a different definition of the word “spontaneous.” We definitely have a different definition of the word “journalism.”

Then there is this story, about how she didn’t tip for her burrito"

Ang where they gonna get that money?---M-1 Rail construction begins at Campus Martius on Monday

M-1 Rail construction begins at Campus Martius on Monday - Crain's Detroit Business:
"Starting Monday, crews will begin installing a curved track around Campus Martius in downtown Detroit as part of the $140 million M-1 Rail project.
The 2015 construction schedule, expected to be the busiest so far, will also include rebuilding parts of Woodward Avenue and freeway overpasses around downtown, M-1 Rail Chief Operating Officer Paul Childs said Thursday.
The rail line, which will extend 3.3 miles from Detroit's riverfront to the New Center area, is scheduled to begin running next year."

Taxes Cost More Than What We Pay

Taxes Cost More Than What We Pay | Economics21
That is not the true cost—to either individuals, businesses or society at large. 
Time is money. 
Americans spend about 6.1 billion hours and $224.3 billion a year—$90.3 billion of it by  individuals—to comply with the filing requirements of the tax code, according to the IRS National Taxpayer Advocate
(Yes, you have an advocate at the IRS!) 
Those statistics don't include the opportunity cost, or the benefit the public would have received from devoting resources to some alternative activity.
So complex are the tax code and the myriad of IRS forms that about 60 percent of individual taxpayers pay someone else to prepare their tax returns.
An additional 29 percent rely on tax preparation software.
In other words, we have to pay (someone else) to pay (the IRS).

Obama's america.....School blames ‘poor lighting’ for paltry Michelle O lunch

PHOTO: School blames ‘poor lighting’ for paltry Michelle O lunch - "PORTSMOUTH, Va. – That’s not really a fish filet with a whole wheat bun resting on top.
Nah, your eyes are playing tricks on you.
portsmouth-lunchThat’s what administrators at Virginia’s Portsmouth Public Schools want parents to believe after a mother took a photo of her child’s paltry school lunch and posted it on social media.
The mom says James Hurst Elementary served the lunch Tuesday.
After the photo began circulating around the community, Food Service Coordinator Jim Gehlhoff admitted the lunch “concerns us,” but added that it might not actually be as bad as it looks.
Poor lighting and food presentation make this lunch unappealing,” he said in a statement released to the media.
He says it’s in compliance with the federal lunch rules championed by First Lady Michelle Obama..."

The Must-See Video That Is Waking Americans Up

The Must-See Video That Is Waking Americans Up:

"As Western Journalism previously reported, the videos are designed to shift the national discussion on income inequality from raising the minimum wage to ensuring all American workers are able to achieve their “maximum wage.”

Words fail----Secretary of the Army memo lists sexual assault top priority

Secretary of the Army memo lists sexual assault top priority | The Daily Caller:
"The U.S. Army’s top priority for 2015 is not winning wars.
Secretary of the Army John M. McHugh named preventing sexual assault as his top priority for the Army in the fiscal year 2015, according to a memo obtained by The Daily Caller.
“Outlined below are my top priorities for Fiscal Year 2015,” McHugh wrote in the memo. “While these do not represent all the strategic issues that I deal with, they are the most important areas where I will focus my time and effort,” he said in the October 30, 2014 memo, entitled “Secretary of the Army Top Priorities.”
“1. Prevent Sexual Assault,” McHugh’s list began....."

Students are ‘Ready for Hillary’ just because she’s a woman

VIDEO: Students are ‘Ready for Hillary’ just because she’s a woman

It seems many students at the University of Washington can’t think of any reason why they should vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 — other than her gender.
Campus Reform headed to Seattle, Wash., and asked several college students if they were “ready for Hillary” and why they would vote for her.
“She’s a woman, and that’s literally all.”    
“She’s a woman, and that’s literally all,” one female student told Campus Reform.
“Because it’s time we have a female president,” another woman said.

History for April 18

History for April 18 -
Clarence Darrow 1857 - Attorney, famous for his part in the Scopes 'monkey trial', Barbara Hale 1922 - Actress ("Perry Mason", "Airport"), Hayley Mills 1946 - Actress ("The Parent Trap"), singer 

James Woods 1947 - Actor ("The Onion Field", "Casino"), Rick Moranis 1954 - Actor ("Parenthood", "Ghostbuster" series, "Spaceballs"), Conan O'Brien 1963 - Television personality ("Late Night with Conan O'Brien") 

1775 - American revolutionaries Paul Revere, William Dawes and Samuel Prescott rode though the towns of Massachusetts giving the warning that the Regulars were coming out. Later, the phrase "the British are coming" was attributed to Revere even though it is unlikely he used that wording. 

1906 - San Francisco, CA, was hit with an earthquake. The original death toll was cited at about 700. Later information indicated that the death toll may have been 3 to 4 times the original estimate. 

1924 - Simon and Schuster, Inc. published the first "Crossword Puzzle Book." 

1938 - Superman made his debut when he appeared in the first issue of Action Comics. (Cover date June 1938) 

1942 - James H. Doolittle and his squadron, from the USS Hornet, raided Tokyo and other Japanese cities. 

1942 - The Vichy government capitulated to Adolf Hitler and invited Pierre Laval to form a new government in France. 

1943 - Traveling in a bomber, Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, was shot down by American P-38 fighters. 

1945 - American war correspondent Ernie Pyle was killed by Japanese gunfire on the Pacific island of Ie Shima, off Okinawa. He was 44 years old. 

1949 - The Republic of Ireland was established. 

1980 - Rhodesia became in independent nation of Zimbabwe. 

1983 - The U.S. Embassy in Beirut was blown up by a suicide car-bomber. 63 people were killed including 17 Americans.