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History for October 21

History for October 21 -
Alfred Nobel 1833 - Chemist, inventor of dynamite, his will created the Nobel Prizes, Whitey Ford 1928 - Baseball player, Judy Sheindlin 1942 - TV personality ("Judge Judy")

Benjamin Netanyahu 1949 - Prime Minister of Israel, Carrie Fisher 1956 - Actress ("Star Wars" movies), Kim Kardashian 1980 - TV personality
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1797 - "Old Ironsides," the U.S. Navy frigate Constitution, was launched in Boston's harbor.

1805 - The Battle of Trafalgar occurred off the coast of Spain. The British defeated the French and Spanish fleet.

1879 - Thomas Edison invented the electric incandescent lamp. It would last 13 1/2 hours before it would burn out.

1950 - Chinese forces invaded Tibet.

1967 - Thousands of demonstrators marched in Washington, DC, in opposition to the Vietnam War.

1983 - The Pentagon reported that 2,000 Marines were headed to Grenada to protect and evacuate Americans living there.

1994 - North Korea and the U.S. signed an agreement requiring North Korea to halt its nuclear program and agree to inspections.

2003 - The U.S. Senate voted to ban what was known as partial birth abortions.

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Fact-Check: No, the Clinton Foundation Did Not 'Spend Ninety Percent' of Money Donated on 'Programs'

Fact-Check: No, the Clinton Foundation Did Not 'Spend Ninety Percent' of Money Donated on 'Programs' - Breitbart:
"Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said during the third presidential debate, “We at the Clinton Foundation spend ninety percent — ninety percent — of all the money that is donated on behalf of programs of people around the world and in our own country.”
Fact-Check: FALSE
Indeed, Clinton’s “ninety percent” claim is false according to her troubled charity’s own tax filings.
Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute, Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large, and author of Clinton Cash said the Clinton Foundation has spent as little as six percent of its total income on actual charitable endeavors.
“If you actually look at the numbers of their filings and 990s, that’s what it indicates,” Schweizer said last month in an interview with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Breitbart News Daily. “The Clinton Foundation will say, ‘We assisted or facilitated in 100,000 kids getting immunizations.’ Well, okay, what does that mean? And they don’t really tell you. They don’t really explain to you how it works.”
“So the number is absolutely correct, that six percent goes to other charities,” Schweizer continued.
“The other 94 percent is in this stew of marketing, and management, and travel expenses, and sort of all these obscure things, that it’s really hard to dissect what is the end result of that 94 percent being spent.”
What’s more?
Political analyst Sean Davis, the co-founder of The Federalist and a former adviser to Sen. Tom Coburn and Gov. Rick Perry, examined the Clinton Foundation’s 2013 tax filings and found that “Hillary Clinton’s non-profit spent more on office supplies and rent than it did on charitable grants.” 
“The Clinton Foundation spent nearly $8.5 million–10 percent of all 2013 expenditures–on travel,” Davis contends. “Nearly $4.8 million–5.6 percent of all expenditures–was spent on office supplies.”"

$6 Billion Clinton's State Dept Lost Was Not Debunked

$6 Billion Clinton's State Dept Lost Was Not Debunked | The Daily Caller:
"Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s claim that the $6 billion the Department of State lost was “debunked” contradicts multiple investigations and audits by the agency’s watchdog.
“When you ran the State Department, $6 billion was missing,” Republican nominee Trump said during Wednesday’s final presidential debate.
“How do you miss $6 billion? Six billion dollars was either stolen, they don’t know. It’s gone.”
Clinton replied: “Well, first of all, what he just said about the State Department is not only untrue, it’s been debunked numerous times.”
But it was the State Department’s Inspector General (IG) who found in three investigations and two audits that an estimated $6 billion was lost to contract mismanagement, fraud and incompetence during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state..."
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Cruz demands investigation into WH visits of 'voter fraud operative' | Washington Examiner

Cruz demands investigation into WH visits of 'voter fraud operative' | Washington Examiner:

"Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, on Wednesday called for a "serious criminal investigation" into the dozens of White House visits that Robert Creamer made to the White House since 2009.

"Voter fraud operative: 45 meetings w/Obama — this merits a serious criminal investigation," Cruz said on Twitter."

Watch Leftist Students Say Science Is Racist and Should Be Abolished

Watch Leftist Students Say Science Is Racist and Should Be Abolished - Hit & Run :
"Students at the University of Cape Town in South Africa brought some interesting concerns before the science faculty this week: namely, they think science as it is currently understood must be abolished. 
"The whole thing should scratched off, especially in Africa," said one of the students.
The students are apparently known as "fallists." 
Their hashtag is #ScienceMustFall. 
You can watch them make their case during a meeting here.
Essentially, these students believe that modern scientific understanding is too Eurocentric. One explained:
"I have a question for all the science people. There is a place in KZN called Umhlab'uyalingana. They believe that through the magic' you call it black magic' they call it witchcraft' you are able to send lightening to strike someone. Can you explain that scientifically because it's something that happens?"
Many people laughed at this remark because, well, witchcraft is not something that happens. But according to the student, witchcraft is like Isaac Newton's theory of gravity—it's just one way of explaining the world, among many.
"Decolonising the science would mean doing away with it entirely and starting all over again to deal with how we respond to the environment and how we understand it," the student continued.
Down with science: coming to an American university near you? 
It wouldn't surprise me.
Ideally, universities are the perfect vehicle for reforming idiotic views about science. 
Let's hope Cape Town is up to challenge of explaining why concerns about social justice should not lead students to reject the theory of gravity.

Why Did Vote-Rigging Robert Creamer Visit The White House Over 200 Times During The Obama Admin

Why Did Vote-Rigging Robert Creamer Visit The White House Over 200 Times During The Obama Admin | Zero Hedge:
"Earlier today we wrote about a new Project Veritas undercover video that uncovered several democratic operatives openly discussing, in explicit detail, how to commit massive voter fraud.  One of the operatives was a person by the name of Robert Creamer who is a co-founder of a democratic consulting firm called Democracy Partners 
Within the video, an undercover journalist details a plan to register Hispanic voters illegally by having them work as contractors, to which Creamer can be heard offering support saying that “there are a couple of organizations that that’s their big trick" (see: "Rigging Elections For 50 Years" - Massive Voter Fraud Exposed By Project Veritas Part 2").
Unfortunately, the embarrassing video caused Creamer to subsequently resign from consulting the Hillary campaign as he issued a statement saying that he was "stepping back from my responsibilities working the [Hillary] campaign" over fears that his continued assistance would be a distraction for the campaign. 
But voter fraud isn't Creamer's only criminal specialty.  
A quick look at Wikipedia reveals that Creamer spent 5 months in federal prison back in 2006 for a "$2.3 million bank fraud in relation to his operation of public interest groups in the 1990s."
So, with that kind of history, you can imagine our surprise when we discovered that a Mr. Robert Creamer showed up on the White House visitor logs 340 times beginning in 2009 when Obama took office and culminating with his latest visit in June 2016.  
Moreover, in 45 of those instances, Creamer was scheduled to meet with POTUS himself.  
Perhaps this is just two old Chicago "community organizers" hanging out?
...Finally, Creamer's wife is none other that Jan Schakowsky, a U.S. Representative for Illinois's 9th congressional district which she has served since 1999.
Just another plume of smoke?

Lunch video-----Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal


Congress BLOWS the Whistle on Michelle Obama's Mom's Corruption

Congress BLOWS the Whistle on Michelle Obama's Mom's Corruption:

"Barack Obama has admitted to doing drugs with his “Choom Gang” and is the worst President of all time. Michelle spends all her time ruining our kids’ school lunches and spending millions on vacations with her daughters. And the Obama kids are an embarrassment – going to drinking parties, and maybe even doing drugs in public.

They are shameful swindlers, wasting your tax dollars on their comfort and profligacy.

But now, a story is going viral that claims the most outrageous waste of taxpayer money by the Obama family."

Little Caesars Arena interest payments may drive final cost close to $1 billion

Little Caesars Arena interest payments may drive final cost close to $1 billion - Crain's Detroit Business:
"Interest payments on the bonds issued to pay for Little Caesars Arena will push the project's final cost to nearly $1 billion.
The current cost estimate for the future home of the Detroit Red Wings is $627.5 million, but that doesn't reflect interest payments on $450 million worth of 30-year bonds floated in 2014 to finance construction.
Image result for bread and circusesThe estimated $336.5 million in interest payments, plus additional spending on the arena beyond the bonds, would bring the total cost to $991 million by 2045. The DDA outlined the expected interest costs to Crain's on Tuesday.
The arena's public owner, Detroit's Downtown Development Authority, issued $250 million in tax-exempt Series A bonds that will be paid off via a complex tax capture on downtown real estate owners whose properties are in a particular zone.
A breakdown of the cost of the Little Caesars Arena being built in downtown Detroit:

  • Series A bonds are $250 million plus $231 million in interest for a total of $481 million.
  • Series B bonds are $200 million plus $132.5 million in interest for a total of $332.5 million.
  • Additional Olympia arena spending beyond the two bond series: $177.5 million
  • Grand total: $991 million

The quasi-public Detroit Economic Growth Corp., which staffs the DDA under contract with the city, Tuesday told Crain's that interest payments on the Series A bonds are forecast at $231 million through 2045, the maturity year.
...The rest of the construction is being privately financed by $200 million in non-tax-exempt Series B bonds, which were forecast to have $132.5 million in interest over 30 years.
...Olympia is bound to pay for any arena construction costs beyond the $450 million generated by the bonds, and so far that additional spending has reached $177.5 million..."

Latest Wiki Dump Reveals Heavy Press Collusion Over Hillary's "Excellent Health" Medical Statement

Latest Wiki Dump Reveals Heavy Press Collusion Over Hillary's "Excellent Health" Medical Statement | Zero Hedge:
"Among the latest, ninth round of Podesta email releases by Wikileaks this morning, is a July 31, 2015 email by Hillary Clinton's National Press Secretary Brian Fallon who lays out the agenda for the day's rollout of Clinton's tax record and, more importantly, Hillary's "excellent health" medical statement, where once again the media, listed as "AP, Politico, WSJ, WaPo, etc" is exposed as coordinating and colluding with the campaign to send a message that Hillary is in great health.
In the email written in the early hours on Friday, Fallon writes that in the "rollout plan" for that same day, the campaign will "Pitch the first round of stories to the travelling press corps (AP, Politico, WSJ, WaPo, etc) with a 2 pm embargo."
He goes on to say that for these stories "we will provide the full text of HRC’s physician’s letter, summarizing that she is in excellent health and is medically fit to perform the duties of President. We will push that she is the FIRST presidential candidate to release this info."
In further evidence of the prepared media narrative, Fallon points out that "we expect the stories that pop at 2 pm to have headlines such as “CLINTON IN ‘EXCELLENT HEALTH,’ MEDICAL RECORDS SAY” … “CLINTON RELEASES HEALTH REPORT."
Fallon also plans how to approach the "friendly" press in an attempt to "one-up" Jeb Bush, who at the time was seen as her biggest challenger, in terms of financial disclosures, and specifically her tax filings..."
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Triangles on syllabus get professor investigated for sexual harassment, he says

Triangles on syllabus get professor investigated for sexual harassment, he says - The College Fix:
Grading system a ‘prelude to sexual harassment’ 
A New York law that was “designed to increase the chances of a guilty finding” in campus sexual-assault cases was recently used to warn a Brooklyn College professor about his syllabus, according to the co-author of a book on the Duke University lacrosse rape case.
...Whether lawmakers or Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo realized it, the law has “dramatically increase[d] the power of campus Title IX offices, which (as we saw in the Seidemann case) can then manifest itself in unusual ways,” Johnson wrote in an email.
...Last week Seidemann said he was nearly fired for a phrase from his syllabus that was interpreted “as a prelude to sexual harassment,” in a post for Minding the Campus.
The syllabus informed students that “class deportment, effort etc” would count toward 10 percent of their grades, “applied only to select students when appropriate.”
That wasn’t the end of it. Seidemann found himself in more hot water for a section of the syllabus that warned students:
“This classroom is an ‘unsafe space’ for those uncomfortable with viewpoints with which they may disagree: all constitutionally protected speech is welcome.”
Seidemann wrote that he only learned about “the charges brought against me” for the syllabus after the administration had reached its findings.
“At the direction” of the administration, Seidemann’s departmental chair told him to get rid of the “deportment” grading line because it was sexual in nature, and to remove the sardonic “warning triangles” he had used instead of quote marks around “unsafe space.”
According to Seidemann, he never learned what was wrong with triangles – the chair simply told him “the triangles are the problem” – though he suspects an administrator associated them with “the pink triangles that the Nazis made gays wear.
“I wonder how long the administrators deliberated before deciding that the clip art street signs I’d included in my syllabus weren’t Nazi symbols,” Seidemann continued..."
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FBI Document Dump Proves This Woman Has No Business Anywhere Near Power - The Rush Limbaugh Show

FBI Document Dump Proves This Woman Has No Business Anywhere Near Power - The Rush Limbaugh Show:

 "RUSH:  I'm guessing that many of you do not know this, but there was another dump of 100 pages from the FBI yesterday relating to the investigation of Hillary Clinton.  Folks, I'm here to tell you, there is no way this woman ought to be anywhere near the Oval Office.  She ought not be anywhere near the White House. "

State Dept Is Now a Front for Democrat Self-Enrichment Scams

State Dept Is Now a Front for Democrat Self-Enrichment Scams | The Federalist Papers:
"If the myriad pay-for-play schemes involving foreign entities, big-money donors, and the Clinton Foundation hadn’t already caused a black enough eye for the Obama State Department, we’re now learning that under the direction of Secretary of State John Kerry, the corruption and malfeasance of the department under Hillary Clinton’s years has continued rolling along.
This week a Daily Caller News Foundation report unveiled that under Kerry’s guidance, the State Department has funneled more than nine million taxpayer dollars from the Department to a relatively vague nonprofit that was founded in Kerry’s home and is being run by his daughter!
If a person ever needed a textbook example of what cronyism is and how it works, it’s the U.S. State Department and the Clinton Foundation and/or the U.S. State Department and Seed Global Health.
The hubris of these people is nothing short of startling.
...Americans of all political stripes have a blatant distrust of Washington.
We wonder how it’s possible our public servants end up gazillionaires living in gated communities and sipping champagne while flying on private jets. 
Wonder no more."

AM Fruitcake

History for October 20

History for October 20 -
John Dewey 1859 - Psychologist, philosopher, Bela Lugosi (Blasko) 1882 - Actor ("Dracula"), Ellery Queen (Frederic Dannay) 1905 - Author

Will Rogers, Jr. 1912 - Actor ("The Story of Will Rogers"), Art Buchwald 1925 - Newspaper columnist, Mickey Mantle 1931 - Baseball player

1774 - The new Continental Congress, the governing body of America’s colonies, passed an order proclaiming that all citizens of the colonies "discountenance and discourage all horse racing and all kinds of gaming, cock fighting, exhibitions of shows, plays and other expensive diversions and entertainment."

1803 - The U.S. Senate approved the Louisiana Purchase.

1818 - The U.S. and Great Britain established the boundary between the U.S. and Canada to be the 49th parallel.

1892 - The city of Chicago dedicated the World's Columbian Exposition.

1942 - Pierre Laval told the French labor that they must serve in Germany.

1947 - Hollywood came under scrutiny as the House Un-American Activities Committee opened hearings into alleged Communist influence within the motion picture industry.

1968 - Jackie Lee Bouvier Kennedy married Aristotle Onassis.

1993 - Attorney General Janet Reno warned the TV industry to limit the violence in their programs.

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October 19, 2016

Polished Deceit

By Tammy Derouin

Prior to the rise of the Obama administration, and the decline of the United States and the American people, I would have never thought that a U.S. president would intentionally target the American people and make the homeland vulnerable to our enemies.  I would have never believed that so much damage could be successfully inflicted on our country in a relatively short amount of time. His actions have turned our home into an internal battlefield among the citizens and a wide-open, unprotected target for our enemies; making it possible for them to launch attacks from within our borders.

This has not been a one man campaign against our country.  Obama is an instrument of the Left.     He didn’t single handedly take control of the press, Congress and the Supreme Court.  It was a sordid assault with many collaborators.  Although he may not have been the mastermind behind this massive assault against the United States, he seemed eager and overly enthusiastic to play his part in this massive production.   
What is truly remarkable, and very concerning, is how the powers that be managed to take control of the minds of so many Americans. A massive assault in deception had to be launched.  The deceit was then polished so well, by every arm of the administration, that the truth has become exactly what the ruling party wants us to believe.  Far too many have been blinded by the polished deceit.  The lack of resistance is truly stunning.   We were duped by a progressive syndicate with an American charlatan as their front man.

History serves as an excellent tool for unlocking the past.  It answers questions by mapping out a sequence of events.  Thanks to the records and accounts of the travelers who came before us, history not only shows the hazards which should be avoided but provides insight on how to avoid the pitfalls which will send us back to enslavement, back to the dark times...... 

WikiLeaks posts Clinton's Goldman Sachs speeches in full

WikiLeaks posts Clinton's Goldman Sachs speeches in full - CNET:
"A week ago WikiLeaks served up an appetizer, now it seems to have dished out the main course.
The controversial site tweeted Saturday that it had posted full transcripts of paid speeches Hillary Clinton gave to financial firm Goldman Sachs.
On October 8, WikiLeaks had posted what it said were snippets from Clinton's Wall Street talks.
The site says both the excerpts and full transcripts were obtained from emails leaked after top Clinton aide John Podesta's private email account was breached. 
None of the info, however, has been verified as genuine.
The speeches have been an issue in the US presidential race, with critics saying they point to a too-cozy relationship between Democratic nominee Clinton and financial heavyweights.
Onetime Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders had pushed during the primaries for the release of transcripts, and Clinton said during an April debate that she'd release them if Sanders and now-Republican nominee Donald Trump made their tax returns public.
One of the purported speeches published Saturday has Clinton mentioning WikiLeaks' 2010 publication of more than 250,000 leaked diplomatic cables..."

New maps shows which US states are at risk of hazardous solar storms

New maps shows which US states are at risk of hazardous solar storms
  • First map showing areas in the US at risk of solar storms has been released

  • Experts looked at two factors, one being data from geomagnetic storms

  • The other was data from magnetic materials beneath the Earth's surface

  • Map reveals Minnesota and Wisconsin are at the highest risk in the US

  • But more than half the US hasn't been surveyed due to a lack of funds

  • Solar storms threaten Earth about every 100 years and experts warn we are overdue.
    Now, researchers have released the first ever map that shows which areas of the US are at high risk of being hit by the next intense storm.
    The map was built using geomagnetic storm measurements and data from magnetic materials beneath the Earth - revealing Minnesota is particularly at risk of being blasted by solar material.
    Scroll down for videos
    Researchers created a map that shows what areas of the US are at high risk of intense solar storms. The red and black dots represent areas  at the highest risk, green and yellow are the lowest and gray means there is not yet enough data to map a geoelectric hazard

    Bill is 'having a hard time', Chelsea is 'livid' and Hillary is 'p***ed': How the Clinton family is being rocked by Wikileaks (and their donors and friends are furious at what candid aides said about them) | Daily Mail Online

    Bill is 'having a hard time', Chelsea is 'livid' and Hillary is 'p***ed': How the Clinton family is being rocked by Wikileaks (and their donors and friends are furious at what candid aides said about them) | Daily Mail Online:

    "The former president is 'having a hard time,' between the leaks and Donald Trump dredging up his past scandals, the former first daughter is livid and the Democratic nominee is straight up 'p***ed' that she's having to deal with these daily mini-scandals in the final month of her White House run.  "

    Bureaucrats Wasted $700,000 to Correct One Letter in a Quotation

    Bureaucrats Wasted $700,000 to Correct One Letter in a Quotation | The Daily Sheeple:
    "It’s been said that people tend to be more careless when handling items that they do not own, especially stolen items, and this certainly reigns true in the case of bureaucrats who seek to extract wealth from the rest of us on a compulsory basis.
    You’ve probably heard the quote from Neil Armstrong: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
    Well, it turns out that Neil Armstrong claims this is not the correct quotation. According to Armstrong, he claims to have actually said, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”
    The letter ‘a’ being the only distinction between the two.
    So, rather than find money through voluntary means in the marketplace, the National Science Foundation used two tax-payer funded grants, amounting to more than $700,000, to correct this quotation.
    That’s right. $700,000 was spent attempting to correct one letter for an inconsequential quote in history, which was originally given as two separate grants to the National Science Foundation for the purpose of improving and understanding communications concerning people with speech conditions, such as autism and Parkinson’s disease. 
    One grant was received from the ironically titled “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” in 2009..."

    Guide to Colleges |

    Guide to Colleges |
    The Heterodox Academy Guide to Colleges rates America’s top 150 universities (as listed by US News and World Reports) and will soon rate the Top 50 Liberal Arts Schools according to their commitment to viewpoint diversity. 
    Is it a place where you are likely to encounter a variety of views on politically controversial topics? 
    Or do school policies – or the students themselves– impose a rigid political orthodoxy that punishes dissenting opinions and creates a climate in which students are afraid to speak up, even in seminar classes?
    Our guide to colleges helps you evaluate schools on this question by integrating these four sources of information:
    1. Endorsed Chicago: Whether the university has endorsed the Chicago Principles on free expression
    2. FIRE Rating: Whether the school’s speech codes foster or infringe upon free speech. As rated by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.
    3. ISI Rating: Is the school a reasonably welcoming place for conservative and libertarian students? Obtained from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) guide to Choosing the Right College. (We presume that open-minded progressive students would prefer not to attend a school at which students who are not on the left feel unwelcome, and are less likely to speak up.)
    4. Relevant Events Since 2014: Events on campus that indicate a commitment by faculty, administration, and/or students to protect or restrict free inquiry and viewpoint diversity. We ignore events that involve just a few students or professors and focus on those indicating broader sentiment, norms, or policy.
    Methodology: Below you’ll find our ratings for the top 150 national universities. (Ratings for the Top 50 Liberal Arts Schools coming soon.) For this first edition, we assign each of the four criteria a value from 0 to 1. We then multiply each by 25 and add up the values to create a “Heterodoxy Score” that runs from 0 (worst, most orthodox) to 100 (best, most heterodox, most open to viewpoint diversity). View our methodology in more detail.
    Please note: This first edition of the guide was made public on October 19, 2016. Because university policies are changing rapidly this semester, we do not believe that our first edition is reliable enough to serve as a basis for decision making. Our goal is to release an improved edition in December. See our schedule of updates
    We welcome corrections from university administrators and current students as well as your feedback via:
    Sort any column by clicking on it. Search via the box at the top right of the table.

    Lunch video-----National Socialism Alive and Well in AMURIKA!