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Surprised?-----July Breaks Gun Sales Record as Gun Company's Earnings Triple

July Breaks Gun Sales Record as Gun Company's Earnings Triple:
  • Gun company's earnings triple, CEO says sales 'like nothing we've seen before'
One of the country's leading gun makers saw earnings triple as gun sales once again shattered previous records for the month of July.
...Killoy said the surge in sales reflected Americans' concerns over current events. 
"This staggering increase in demand appears to be attributable to a few factors," Killoy said. "Number one, concerns about personal protection and home defense stemming from continuing COVID-19 pandemic; protests, demonstrations, and civil unrest in many cities throughout the United States and, lastly, the call by some for the reduction in funding and authority of various law enforcement organizations." 

#1 This day 1962-----Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do - Neil Sedaka

Portland: What Does It Mean? | Frontpagemag

Portland: What Does It Mean? | Frontpagemag:
  • The issue that will re-elect Donald Trump in November.
"Perhaps the most emblematic moment in the battles raging in American cities came the other day when Bernie Sanders attacked President Trump’s decision to send federal agents to quell the riots in Portland Oregon.
His alleged reason: they bear the earmarks of a “police state.” 
This, from a man who spent the entire sixty years of his adult life supporting every ruthless, communist police state on the planet – and there were many – and who to this day declares his solidarity with the police states in the West Bank and Gaza run by his terrorist comrades in the PLO and Hamas.
Of course these twisted values have made him the most popular Democrat leader.
Our cities are under siege by communists like Bernie and other self-declared enemies of America...Read all.

"New study says..."

Lawmaker calls teaching history 'miseducation' and demands halt

Image result for wikicommons Images History BooksLawmaker calls teaching history 'miseducation' and demands halt:

A former history teacher who now is a Democratic state lawmaker in Illinois is leading an effort to temporarily stop history classes in his state, contending they have helped form a racist society and overlook the contributions of women and minorities.

Myths the Media Perpetuate About Gun Control | RealClearPolitics

Myths the Media Perpetuate About Gun Control | RealClearPolitics
"The push to disarm Americans, such as Pamela and Mark McCloskey of St. Louis, stems from the belief that disarming the public will make us safer.
But those beliefs arise from myths perpetrated by the media.
...They do this not only by choosing what crimes to cover (or not cover), but also by the statistics and research that they choose to relay. 
...Here are just five of the three dozen myths that I discuss in my new book, “Gun Control Myths.”

  • Myth 1: Los Angeles Times: “Why the U.S. is No. 1 — in mass shootings”

This claim is based on one study by Adam Lankford at the University of Alabama. Lankford asserted that the U.S. accounted for 31% of mass public shooters from 1966 to 2012, despite having less than 5% of the world population.
See the source image
But for over four years, he refused requests from both academics and media outlets, including Real Clear Politics, Fox News, and the Washington Post, to release his data.
When he finally released his list of cases after I had published an academic paper going through the data, it was clear why he had waited so long.
He had over-counted cases in the U.S. and missed thousands of others in the rest of the world.
The United States accounted for just 1% of the shooters — far less than its share of the world population. 
France, Switzerland, Russia, Finland, and Norway all have substantially higher per capita fatality rates than does the U.S.
Indeed, France’s rate is 111% higher than ours.
By far, the worst mass public shootings have occurred in Europe...Read all.

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History for August 6

Image result for Alfred Tennyson Quotes
History for August 6 -
Alfred Lord Tennyson 1809, Louella Parsons 1881, Sir Alexander Fleming 1881
Image result for Alfred Tennyson QuotesSee the source imageImage result for Alexander Fleming Penicillin

Lucille Ball 1911, Robert Mitchum 1917, Andy Warhol 1928
Image result for Lucille BallImage result for Robert MitchumImage result for Andy Warhol

1806 - The Holy Roman Empire went out of existence as Emperor Francis II abdicated.
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1945 - The American B-29 bomber, known as the Enola Gay, dropped the first atomic bomb on an inhabited area. The bomb named "Little Boy" was dropped over the center of Hiroshima, Japan. An estimated 140,000 people were killed. (8:16am Japanese time)
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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Tucker Carlson: ‘Normal Americans … Don’t Have The Same Privilege As John Lewis’ Friends’ | The Daily Caller

Image result for wikicommons Images Tucker CarlsonTucker Carlson: ‘Normal Americans … Don’t Have The Same Privilege As John Lewis’ Friends’ | The Daily Caller:

The late Civil Rights icon was memorialized in a series of events last week that culminated in a crowded funeral where former President Barack Obama used a portion of his eulogy to slam the Senate filibuster as a “Jim Crow relic.”
Carlson argued that strict social distancing rules like the ones that exist in Washington D.C. are “a lot to ask of a population,” but only work if they apply “to everyone, because science doesn’t work if it only applies to the people without power and not to the people who do have power.”
“But that’s exactly what’s happening,” he said.

The way we were-----Charles Mohrle, WWII Fighter Pilot Video proFile

Boob-tube-----30 NEW SHOWS OF FALL TV 1956

Steve Scalise on Gov. Whitmer's 'Sickening' Veto

Steve Scalise on Gov. Whitmer's 'Sickening' Veto
"...Way back when Michigan reported its first COVID cases, the Health Care Association of Michigan made a reasonable suggestion for the governor. 
They asked her to move infected nursing home residents to vacant facilities, which could be used as quarantine centers. 
But Whitmer insisted that the best approach would be to keep COVID patients in "isolated" areas still inside the nursing homes.
Nursing home deaths climbed. 
A total of 38,000 residents were living in nursing homes, with 1,947 deaths reported. 
Put in a more startling perspective, about 33 percent of the state's COVID-related deaths have been nursing home residents or employees. 
Sen. Peter Lucid (R-Shelby Township) had seen enough and introduced a measure, Senate Bill 956, to finally move COVID patients to separate facilities
Whitmer vetoed it on Friday.
In a letter defending her veto, Gov. Whitmer said that the bill was based on "the false premise that isolation units created within existing facilities are somehow insufficient to protect seniors..."
Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) didn't accept her reasoning and said that her veto was "sickening."
Read all.

The Troubling Goals of the Black Lives Matter Movement

The Troubling Goals of the Black Lives Matter Movement
"...Which brings me to the Black Lives Matter movement. 
How many mainstream reporters have bothered to delve into the background and founding principles of the rapidly spreading organization to which even white CEOs are contributing gobs of money in what appears to be an attempt to protect themselves and their businesses from any potential charge of racism?
The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, which self-describes as “an ecumenical, nonprofit research organization that promotes the benefits of free enterprise to religious communities, business people, students and educators,” has exposed the ideology of Black Lives Matter.
According to Acton, the founding principles of BLM include a 

  • guaranteed minimum income for all black people, 
  • free health care, 
  • free schooling, 
  • free food, 
  • free real estate, 
  • gender reassignment surgery, and 
  • free abortion (already disproportionately high among African American women, “27.1 per 1,000 women compared with 10 per 1,000 for white women,” but apparently unborn black lives don’t matter to BLM).

  • Washington, D.C.’s local BLM chapter has even called for “no new jails” (which would likely guarantee an increase in crime, much of it perpetrated in black communities—see the District’s crime stats, see Chicago, see Los Angeles). 
  • BLM also demands reparations and wants to create a “global liberation movement” that will “overturn U.S. imperialism [and] capitalism.
  • According to The New York Post, “Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said in a newly surfaced video from 2015 that she and her fellow organizers are ‘trained Marxists.'”
Read all.

Dr. Birx fires back at Nancy Pelosi after Pelosi trash talks behind closed doors, lodges accusations - TheBlaze

Dr. Birx fires back at Nancy Pelosi after Pelosi trash talks behind closed doors, lodges accusations - TheBlaze:

Image result for flickr commons images Dr. Deborah BirxDr. Deborah Birx, a key member of the White House coronavirus task force, responded to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the New York Times on Sunday over criticism that she has been overly optimistic about the trajectory of COVID-19.
What was the criticism?
During a recent meeting with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Pelosi reportedly trash talked Birx and questioned her credibility.
"Deborah Birx is the worst. Wow, what horrible hands you're in," Pelosi said, according to Politico.

How Climate Crisis Hysteria Hijacked Environmentalism—Michael Shellenber...

"How Climate Crisis Hysteria Hijacked Environmentalism—Michael Shellenberger Talks ‘Apocalypse Never’"

The Real Reason Democrats are Pushing for Mail-In Ballots - American Thinker

Image result for absentee ballot messThe Real Reason Democrats are Pushing for Mail-In Ballots - American Thinker
"Mail-in ballots are the latest talking point for Democrats and their media allies. 

  • ...The compassionate Democrats say it's too dangerous to wait in line to vote.  Yet it was fine for hundreds to wait in line for John Lewis's funeral procession.  Hypocrisy is on full display when it comes to the Chinese coronavirus.
  • The all-knowing, all-caring Dr. Anthony Fauci donned a large mask while standing all alone on the pitcher's mound waiting to launch his ill fated pitch closer to the dugout than home plate.  Yet in the bleachers, he was yukking it up with some pals, forgetting all about masks and social distancing.

Aside from mail-in ballots being ripe for cheating, there are other more subtle forces at play here.  CBS did its own vote-by-mail experiment and, surprisingly, at least to CBS, discovered "potential problems" such as that "3 percent of voters were effectively disenfranchised."  
That could be enough to tip a close election...
...Enter Professor Tribe's prediction. 
Section 3 of the 20th Amendment.
Image result for evil planIf a President shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term, or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified; and the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President, or the manner in which one who is to act shall be selected, and such person shall act accordingly until a President or Vice President shall have qualified.
Amid the chaos, enough states won't be able to certify their electoral votes, and neither candidate will have a majority. 
Voilà: it will be up to Congress to decide, the Democrat-controlled House choosing a president and the Senate choosing the irrelevant vice president...Read all.

Lunch video-----Chaos in Portland


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Minneapolis, plagued by violent crime, wants victims to cooperate with criminals, surrender property - TheBlaze

Minneapolis, plagued by violent crime, wants victims to cooperate with criminals, surrender property - TheBlaze:

Image result for Clip Art Calm Armed RobberyThe Minneapolis City Government has circulated a letter informing residents what to do if they are targeted by carjackers or robbers. The letter, addressed to residents living in the city's 3rd precinct, was written July 28.
"Robberies and Carjacking's have increased in our precinct. Cell phones, purses, and vehicles are being targeted. Some victims have been maced, dragged, assaulted, and threatened with a gun," the letter states.
"100 Robberies and 20 Carjackings have been reported to the 3rd Precinct Police in July alone," the letter adds.
However, instead of committing to increase police activity in areas plagued by violent crime, the letter goes on to suggest that residents protect themselves — and if they are targeted by violent criminals, to surrender their property.

We Are on the Precipice of a Very Dangerous Cultural Shift | Ask Dr. Brown

We Are on the Precipice of a Very Dangerous Cultural Shift | Ask Dr. Brown
"In recent days, a number of commentators have compared the year 2020 with 1968 (for my article, see here).
But we have not discussed the larger cultural shift that took place as a result of the counterculture revolution of the 60s. 
In short, what was extreme and fringe in that generation became mainstream in the next generation. 
  • Put another way, radicals like Bill Ayers of the Weathermen (who bombed buildings in their anti-war protests) became university professors and even mentors of a president (meaning, Barack Obama). Who saw this coming?
  • Do you think that radical, anti-family feminists in groups like W.I.T.C.H. imagined a world where legalized abortion would snuff out 60 million lives in the womb? (W.I.T.C.H. stood for the Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell – I kid you not – and was founded in 1969.)
  • Do you think that the 1969 Stonewall Inn rioters, hurling bricks at police and their cars and chanting “Gay Power” and “We Want Freedom Now”  envisioned the day when the Supreme Court would change the very meaning of marriage? (Remember that these gay rioters tended to despise marriage as an antiquated, patriarchal institution.) 
  • Do you think that the transvestite prostitute protesters envisioned the day when university campuses and big businesses would marginalize you if you didn’t affirm transgender activism?

Read all.