Monday, May 22, 2017

Trump Delivers Powerful Speech to Arab Leaders, Demands They 'Drive Out' Islamic Terrorists | Daily Wire

Trump Delivers Powerful Speech to Arab Leaders, Demands They 'Drive Out' Islamic Terrorists | Daily Wire:

Image result for Flicker Commons Images Constitution"President Trump delivered his first big international speech, an address in Saudi Arabia to dozens of Arab leaders, reports swirled that he would not utter the words "radical Islamic terror."

Of course he said the words -- repeatedly -- and much more. He lectured the Saudis on human rights, including the nation's long repression of women. And most of all, he laid out -- in simple black and white terms -- the real battle that is has been raging for two decades."

The way we were-----Soeur Sourire The Singing Nun) Dominique 1963

Where College Seniors Are Falling Short

Where College Seniors Are Falling Short:
"Expected graduates are ill-prepared for the job hunt and many coveted positions, a survey finds
Image result for graduates nor prepared for jobs cartoon"The latest forecast from the National Association of Colleges and Employers finds that employers expect to hire 5% more graduates than they brought on last year, the eighth year in a row that companies say they are increasing their college hires.
Yet a separate survey of employers and college seniors suggests that, when it comes to courting recruiters, the Class of 2017 has some homework to do.
This year’s job-seeking seniors are ill-prepared for the job hunt and many coveted positions, concludes a survey of roughly 400 employers and 400 college students conducted by iCIMS Inc., a recruiting-software company.
...The mismatch extends to hard skills, too.
Engineering, business and computer science majors are in highest demand, with at least two-thirds of employers seeking graduates in those fields, according to NACE.
But fewer than half of the students surveyed by iCIMS majored in those subjects.
College seniors feel good about their prospects: more than 90% of the students surveyed by iCIMS reported feeling confident about their interview skills.
They also expect to earn over $53,000 in their first job, compared with average salary of $45,000 that recruiters expect to pay for those positions.
Read the full story at the Wall Street Journal→"

"Interested".... sorta.....Toyota, Nissan, others get behind fuel cell push in Japan

Toyota, Nissan, others get behind fuel cell push in Japan:
"TOKYO (AP) — Japan is backing a push for pollution-free vehicles that run on hydrogen and planning to build more hydrogen fueling stations so that fuel-cell vehicles on roads will grow to 40,000 by 2020, from the current handful.
The collaboration on fuel cells, announced Friday, brings together 11 companies, including automakers Toyota Motor Corp., Nissan Motor Co. and Honda Motor Co. energy and gas companies and a bank
Image result for Fuel cell vehicles aFuel cell vehicles are zero-emission, running on power produced when hydrogen combines with oxygen in the air to create water.
Now, only a handful of such vehicles are on the roads, partly because of the scarcity of hydrogen stations.
...the Japanese government has been especially bullish about hydrogen-powered autos.
It aims to raise the number of hydrogen fueling stations to 160 by 2020, from about 90 today, including mobile ones.
Automakers and energy companies have been working together on fuel cells, viewing such collaboration on investing in the technology, including the infrastructure of hydrogen stations, and agreeing on standards as crucial for its success."

Limbaugh on Russia Probes: 'We Are Watching a Silent Coup Here to Oust a Duly Elected President' - Breitbart

Limbaugh on Russia Probes: 'We Are Watching a Silent Coup Here to Oust a Duly Elected President' - Breitbart:

Image result for free clip art Question Mark"I think it has a purposeful, studied effort and outcome, which is a coup. We are watching a silent coup here to oust a duly elected president, and this coup is being mounted by career government people who can traffic anonymously and who are protected by people in the media and within the Democrat Party. Stop and think of it, folks. A year. How many…? Hasn’t the Washington Post at one time admitted that they have over 30 anonymous sources for all of this? That’s just one newspaper, 30 anonymous sources there.

How many anonymous people are talking New York Times? How much overlap? How many sources are talking to both places? All these deep state career government people, ex-Obama people that are civilians now? We don’t know. But it is a lot of people, and there isn’t any evidence. There’s none! "

The USS Scorpion Buried at Sea | HistoryNet

The USS Scorpion Buried at Sea | HistoryNet:
"The crisis exploded without warning across the sprawling U.S. Navy community in Norfolk, Virginia:
A nuclear submarine and its crew had vanished in the Atlantic.
On May 27, 1968, USS Scorpion (SSN 598) failed to return as scheduled to its home port at the destroyer-submarine pier complex at the southern end of the waterfront.
Within hours the sub’s failure to arrive escalated into a major military crisis that spread to the Pentagon E-Ring and White House.
From Atlantic Fleet headquarters to dozens of homes and apartments across Hampton Roads, a day of anticipation and celebration had suddenly turned into an open-ended vigil of fear and uncertainty.
Scorpion and its 99-man crew had left Norfolk on February 15 for a three-month Mediterranean deployment.
Scorpion crewmen come topside in April 1968 as the sub nears another American ship.The crew participated in several naval exercises with the U.S. Sixth Fleet and NATO, conducted ongoing reconnaissance of Soviet naval units in the Med, and paused to enjoy liberty at ports in Italy and Sicily before reentering the Atlantic for the homeward voyage on May 17. Scorpion’s skipper, Commander Francis A. Slattery, had radioed Atlantic Submarine Force headquarters early on May 22 that the sub would arrive in Norfolk at 1 p.m. the following Monday, Memorial Day.
Officials had released the arrival date 72 hours earlier and, despite a spring nor’easter that had swept the navy base with high winds and heavy rain, family members and Submarine Squadron 6 officials anticipated seeing the low silhouette of the Skipjack-class submarine coming into view on time.
The 1 p.m. arrival time came and went with no sign of Scorpion. 
Unknown to the families of the crew, the submarine’s failure to break radio silence by late morning had already sparked concern that by early afternoon was swelling into near panic throughout the Atlantic Submarine Force headquarters staff.
At 3:15 p.m. the navy made it official, transmitting a flash message over the Fleet Broadcast System to naval bases from Brunswick, Maine, to Jacksonville, Florida, and out to Bermuda, the Azores, and the Mediterranean.
Its terse technical phrases meant only one thing: Scorpion was missing...:"

It's Not About The Donald, It's About Democracy - Breitbart

It's Not About The Donald, It's About Democracy - Breitbart:

Image result for Flicker commons images San Diego school board"The ongoing efforts by Democrats, the mainstream media, and elements of the federal bureaucracy to bring down President Donald Trump raise alarms for the safety of our constitutional democracy.
Trump won the election fairly — there is not a shred of evidence to suggest otherwise — and yet his opponents have never accepted the result, nor ceased trying to frustrate his efforts to govern. If they succeed, American democracy will effectively be finished."