Saturday, December 15, 2012

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DETNEWS | Weblogs | The Watercooler
Guv Snyder death threats

After what I saw and heard Tuesday in person in Lansing... this surprises me not at all:

Examiner: Liberals on Twitter issue death threats against Gov. Snyder over right to work

Liberals and union supporters on Twitter issued a number of tweets calling for the death of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder over the right-to-work measure he signed into law, Twitchy reported Tuesday.

"I have signed the freedom to work bills into law," Gov. Snyder tweeted.

"F**k Snyder ill kill him (sic)," tweeted "TheWhitegirl."

"I Wanna Shoot Gov Snyder In His Eye. . .Bastard Been F**kin' Michigan Left & Right (sic)," one person said.

"[Y]ou are soooo going to die painfully for this b******t, it isn't even funny (sic)," said another person.

Union thugs assault Steven Crowder.

Some called for Gov. Snyder to kill himself, while others demanded Snyder's voters commit suicide.

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