Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Koch Brothers Should Buy MSNBC

The Koch Brothers Should Buy MSNBC « American Glob
The Koch Brothers should buy MSNBC and turn it over to conservative bloggers. That concludes today’s Live at Five Report with Stacy McCain and Smitty.
Coming up at 6, Bill Whittle followed by Jim Geraghty and William Jacobson at 7 and Glenn Reynolds at 8. Ratings at MSNBC would go up as FOX News found itself competing for viewers for the first time since launching.
Sheldon Adelson should buy CNN and turn it over to NewsBusters which could spend 24 hours a day pointing out the inaccuracies and lies of liberal media on TV and in print.
After all, the liberal media has no idea how biased it is.

Read more on this at Powerline and Legal Insurrection.

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