Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Union bosses clinging to power, revenue in wake of Right to Work

Guest column: Union bosses clinging to power, revenue in wake of Right to Work | MLive.com

Unfortunately, some union bosses are seeking to wage war on their own members, as another leaked memo from Michigan Education Association’s (MEA), Steven Cook, proves.
Cook’s memo outlines a series of tactics to challenge the new law and remove his members’ newfound choice by locking as many school employees as possible into long-term, dues- mandatory contracts before the freedom to work law takes effect on March 23.
He also details how the MEA plans to threaten teachers and other members if they try to opt out of their previously mandatory memberships at any time other than August, which is the only month applications permit resigning from the union.
Way to “represent” and “advocate” for your members, right?
In fact, his memo goes to great lengths to discuss MEA’s strategy for clinging to power, spending member dollars on continuing the ‘right to work’ legal battle while continuing to drain our educators’ paychecks, whether they want to be in the union or not.
It’s no surprise that Cook never discusses how to improve union representation, add value for its members or, heaven forbid, trim the fat. It’s all about the revenue.

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