Wednesday, February 20, 2013

These tactics work. Why does the GOP act like there is no internet?

Below is an e-mail I received yesterday from my "friends" at "Organizing for Action", the successor of U.S. president Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign and of Organizing for America, which itself succeeded Obama's 2008 campaign.

While I vigorously disagree with the message, I marvel at its pure, simple brilliance.
Clearly well written and emotionally powerful, it sets the stage for its most important component.
Like YouTube and Facebook, it brings the reader into its sympathetic cyber arms and induces them to share their own, personal story.
Once a person responds, they are hooked!

Responders provide the content.
And "Our staff will review and post your submission" as they effectively troll for great writers and lieutenants who will sell the party line for them.
All at ZERO cost!

There's been much buzz amongst republican "thinkers" that seems to be split between giddy hi-fiving over the discovery of the nifty new phrase "low-info-voters" and mocking those very "lo-fo" Americans.

I don't get it.
Is the current republican power structure our own version of simpleton "low-information-leaders"?
Do they even know what "social media" is?
Do they even know the basics of who the media is?

If we ever hope to sell our message, we must find cyber-leaders to break through the country club walls and realize that Dick Nixon's bad showing in his televised Kennedy debate has relevance still today.
Please guys, open your eyes!
Jim Riley 

"Friend --
Maybe you've seen firsthand how gun violence can rip apart a family and a community.
Or maybe you're concerned by what you see on the news.
Whatever your reason, those in Congress who oppose sensible change need to hear from you: Share your personal story or views on why Congress should act right now to help protect our kids and reduce gun violence.
Your story will inspire others to speak out and show legislators that now is the time.
President Obama said it: "More than a thousand birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries have been stolen from our lives by a bullet from a gun" in just the two months since the tragedy in Newtown.
Each of those families deserves a vote by Congress on commonsense measures to help protect our kids.
But we need to demand it.

It's easy to share your story or point of view:
1. Provide your basic information. (Please note: For your privacy, we'll only publish your city and your first name and last initial.)
2. If you have a photo or video you'd like to share, paste a link into that field. You can paste an Instagram or Twitter link, but cannot upload a photo directly.
3. In the final box, compose your personal story or views about reducing gun violence.
4. After you agree to the submission terms, hit the green "Tell Your Story" button. Our staff will review and post your submission.

Please share your story today:
This won't be easy, but if we can save even one life, it'll be worth it.

Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action
P.S. -- Read some of the powerful stories that folks have already shared, then hit the "Tell Your Story" button to submit your own.
Let's finish what we started. Chip in $25 or more to Organizing for Action, the grassroots movement that will get the job done."

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