Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ObamaScam just another day in lib-land------Obamaphones: Rife with Waste, Fraud, and Abuse

Obamaphones: Rife with Waste, Fraud, and Abuse | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News Blog from The Heritage Foundation:
"Free cell phones for low-income Americans, one of the fastest growing welfare programs in the United States, is—by the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) own admission—rife with “waste, fraud and abuse.” 
And who is paying for these free Obamaphones?
If you have a phone subscription, you are.
The program, officially called Lifeline, predates Obama’s presidency but has earned the colloquial name “Obamaphone” after nearly tripling in cost since 2008.
Almost everyone who pays a phone bill has an extra monthly charge that contributes to the Universal Service Fund, which covers Lifeline access.
The government pays companies $9.25 for every person connected through Lifeline.
Recipients typically receive a free wireless phone and a certain amount of airtime."

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