Sunday, December 29, 2013

These RINOs are the reason the Republican brand has morphed into "Democrat-lite". And their clones are in every state in the country. Go RINO hunting! --------------- Sen. Hansen's voting record has always been inconsistent with Republican thought

A "republican" who votes more liberal than EVERY democrat is ........ a ....... FREAKIN DEMOCRAT!
A good man/woman does not necessarily make a good politician.

Politicians of high character are clear and honest about their ideology and their voting record.

When liberals are elected as Republicans, everyone loses.

Out them and throw them out!

Click this link to see "Republican" Sen. Hansen's tawdry voting record :

Letters: Sen. Hansen's voting record has always been inconsistent with Republican thought |
In David Kolb's Dec. 17 column, “A splash of moderation might spell trouble for Republican from Hart,” he says that Sen. Goeff Hansen, R-Hart, has moderated quite a bit since being elected to the state House in 2004. 
Mr. Hansen hasn’t changed in any way. 
His voting record has never been consistent with the mainstream of Republican thought. 
Mr. Hansen votes consistently for corporate welfare programs that never seem to produce the jobs they promise. 
This is not embraced in the Republican Party platform and it is not something any of the common sense conservatives I know would support. 
In fact on a recent Mackinac Center scorecard Mr. Hansen scored 11 percent that is lower than all of the other senators including the democrats.
The Republican Party platform is quite emphatic in its opposition to socialized medicine. 
While some might quibble that the ACA is not socialized medicine, it is a distinction without a difference. 
Mr. Hansen voted to give all of Michigan’s citizens Obama-Care, not just the 10,000 people in the district Mr. Hansen estimates will benefit from his generosity.
If fiscal responsibility and voting based on the principles laid out in the Republican Party platform is now regarded as weird and extreme, perhaps Mr. Hansen would be happier in the democrat party.
NICK SUNDQUIST/Republican Candidate for Michigan’s 34th Senate District

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