Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Yes. It can get worse. And it will get worse-------Medicaid expansion: The worst of Obamacare's four big lies

Medicaid expansion: The worst of Obamacare's four big lies | WashingtonExaminer.com
Obamacare, and its trio of sponsors in President ObamaNancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, will come to be known for the four big lies.
The first two lies are widely known and hardly disputed.
Lie #1: Even if you liked your plan, you often didn't get to keep it.
Lie #2: Even if you loved your doctor, he or she may no longer be in your network, the president's promise notwithstanding.
Lie #3: The total cost of individual policies for the privately insured -- including the higher deductibles -- will not be lower in 2014 than it was in 2013. (Recall the president promised an average premium savings of $2,500 per insured person every year.)
The first three lies were explicit. They were repeated again and again and again by the president and his allies. 
The fourth lie, though, was implicit, and it is by far the most pernicious of them all.
That lie was that the expansion of the number of enrollees in Medicaid was a good thing. It isn't. Far from it in fact. It is nothing short of a health care disaster.
The reasons for this absolute truth are many and detailed, and Roy's book lays them all out in a manner that simply cannot be debated. The book may be ignored, but it cannot be refuted.
To be enrolled in Medicaid is to be condemned to inferior, indeed almost nonexistent, health care. 
The payment levels provided by Medicaid are so low as to erect barriers to health care to the Americans forced into its often deadly embrace.

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