Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tax-foreclosure crisis looming as lawmakers set to act

Tax-foreclosure crisis looming as lawmakers set to act:
"State lawmakers are rushing to ease a tax-foreclosure crisis in Wayne County that could mirror the housing meltdown of half a decade ago — and could give Detroit another spate of bad headlines.
In Wayne County, mainly Detroit, are tens of thousands of property owners in foreclosure on taxes.
State lawmakers are poised to pass bills that would let counties slash interest and penalties.
The goal is to keep people in their homes if they're willing to go on payment plans.
The two lawmakers who've championed the bills for years, both Democrats, are term-limited this year.
.....This year, the Wayne County treasurer began foreclosure proceedings on a stunning 76,000 properties, including 62,000 in Detroit, capping three years of increased efforts to collect back taxes from people like Marcella Crockett, 39, of Detroit.

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