Wednesday, July 29, 2015



Supreme Instigator

By Tammy Derouin

Our society has been ignoring their gut feelings.  We began to make excuses and tried to rationalize what was happening to us.  Maybe it was because we couldn’t handle the fact that we were being targeted and abused by our very own government.  The people we elected turned against us. Much like being in an abusive relationship, we ignored the signs, covered up what we did see and then made excuses for what we were seeing and could not hide. 

It can take time to come to terms with the facts, especially when a trust has been broken. It’s difficult to admit that someone you thought had your best interest in mind actually used his power to undermine your independence and possibly your existence.  If you are a survivor, you come to terms with reality and then you do something about it.  But until we, as a nation, are ready to admit we have a problem, life is only going to get worse.
The Constitution is an annoying obstacle for the executive. It doesn’t give him free will to do what he wants, so he pretends it doesn’t exist.  We have allowed this to happen.  He acts like a king or a dictator rather than a president.  He does not wish to share power with the other branches.  He certainly doesn’t like it when his power is challenged.   

We have become too accustomed to the overreach of power by the executive.  We now fear him and the oppressive government we have allowed him to put into place.  We have yet to learn that ignoring his actions will not make them go away.  We should be learning that ignoring such overreaches only makes him stronger.  Many have become targets because they speak out against his actions or work to prevent his party from staying in power.,,

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