Thursday, July 30, 2015

Texas Christian University Suspended Student for Saying Dumb Things on Facebook

Texas Christian University Suspended Student for Saying Dumb Things on Facebook - Hit & Run :
"Harry Vincent, a student at Texas Christian University, was disciplined after someone—presumably a non-student—complained to TCU administrators about his comments on social media.
A TCU official then accused Vincent of “infliction of bodily or emotional harm,” instructed him to write a letter explaining how he should be punished, and ultimately suspended him.
Vincent’s sentence extends until graduation.
He is allowed to attend classes in the fall, but may not participate in extracurricular activities.
He must serve 60 hours of community service and take an “Issues in Diversity” course. 
He is forbidden from living on campus.
What did Vincent do? 
He tweeted some unkind remarks about Baltimore residents and Muslims.
Specifically, he referred to the “hoodrat criminals in Baltimore” and told someone to “chill the fuck out you islamic shit head.”
A Tumblr user named Kelsey, who does not attend TCU, posted screenshots of his comments and implored others to report him to TCU’s Campus Life department.
A number of Tumblr users, including Kelsey herself, did so..."


Anonymous said...

Has TCU emotionally harmed Harry Vincent by censuring his speech? Has TCU emotionally harmed Mr. Vincent by banning him from all non academic campus activities? Wouldn't Mr. Vincent be better served in the minds of the TCU thought police by encouraging him to intereact with other more correct thinking and speaking TCU students?

Jim Riley said...

Anon, answer? Yes.
But TAM hurt themselves MUCH more by their idiotic actions.