Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Rogue EPA's Shocking Disregard For The Law

The Rogue EPA's Shocking Disregard For The Law | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis - IBD: "Regulation: The Environmental Protection Agency, which wraps itself in a green mantle of righteousness, once again has been found to be breaking the law.
Before long, more people will realize the EPA is an outlaw government agency with a shocking disregard for the law.
Having been given sweeping and near-dictatorial powers by President Obama and the Supreme Court, the EPA has routinely exceeded its bounds and veered off into criminal behavior in some of its activities.
...Why hasn't the EPA produced the reports as required?
It says it doesn't have the money to do more — even though, as the Truth About Cars site points out, the first study cost a piddling $1.7 million, while the EPA has a budget of more than $8.2 billion.
...We wish we could say this is a one-off problem.
But it isn't.
There's a pattern of lawbreaking at the EPA that is alarming and — since the agency seems to exist out of reach of the law — even frightening..."

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