Sunday, October 16, 2016

Boycott Leftism

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"The Achilles heel of leftism is its dependence upon conservatives and other normal people using the institutions of society that leftism has invested, and so providing the audience and income needed for the left to use against us.  
These institutions conspire against the normal operations of the marketplace by declining to ever compete by offering an alternative to leftism.
...Football is an excellent example of how this works. 
College athletic departments, which once did not care a hoot about political correctness, now have either cadres of the left as their spokesmen or have utterly cowed and terrified administrators who dare not say a word against the messages of the left.
Image result for Boycott Leftism:The college football players who enter the NFL find the same insinuation of leftist cant into every crevice of professional football.
Although the dopey former San Francisco 49ers' insulting behavior during the National Anthem is a conspicuous example of leftist venom, the cringing fear of offending the left seems to terrify everyone in football.
Well, let football be terrified instead of offending those Americans who watch football on television and pay for tickets to football games and buy sporting equipment endorsed by football players. 
There is evidence that this is happening. 
As Rick Moran noted in American Thinker on October 5, Monday Night Football ratings have dropped 19% this year.  
The same day, Rasmussen reported that a whopping 32% of Americans said they are less likely to watch NFL games because of the offensive Black Lives Matter glop.
What conservatives and other normal people have done to punish the NFL, they have done as well to punish those corporations that beg for their business but then reflexively follow political correctness in slapping down conservatives in other areas.
Cracker Barrel learned in just a few hours how deeply its customers were offended by corporate condemnation of Duck Dynasty and quickly issued a mea culpa before the losses in sales got too high or the perception that Cracker Barrel corporate bureaucrats really looked down on its customers got too focused.
Walmart, another business that would quickly go belly-up if conservatives stopped shopping there, also moved fast to change a decision not to bake a cake for a paying customer with "Blue Lives Matter" because that was deemed "racist."
If corporate offices learned that offending conservatives, Christians, patriotic Americans, and other groups seen as fair game today produced a permanent loss of consumer goodwill and sales, then corporate employees from CEOs down to store managers would be trained not to offend those who buy the stuff that pays their salaries.
What if conservative groups united to organize boycotts of all corporations who outrageously offend their values or use corporate funds to advance a radical agenda?...
Rean on!

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