Saturday, October 22, 2016

Congratulations Gun-Free Zoned Chicago... 3,500 shootings...

Steve Russo - Congratulations Gun-Free Zoned Chicago... 3,500...:
"Congratulations Gun-Free Zoned Chicago... 3,500 Shootings - 611 Dead So Far This Year! But, Soaring Murder Rate In Chicago Is A Mixed Bag
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CHICAGO - So far this year, Chicago has experienced 3,475 shootings resulting in nearly 600 deaths....
~ 1,000 More People Shot In Chicago Compared With Same Time Last Year...…/ct-weekend-shootings-chicag…
.... but the news isn't all bad for this Midwestern mecca of the Democratic Party.
"While we all bemoan the rampant bloodshed afflicting our community, the good news is welfare and social services spending are being dramatically reduced every day, and for that taxpayers should be grateful," said Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel.
Chicago's efforts to educate its citizens on the fact they are not allowed to have guns has so far been less than successful.…/chicagos-gun-laws-keep-gett…/
~ Chicago police chief: We’ll shoot licensed civilians with guns
It’s a good thing that Chicago has a serious plan to deal with their sky-high murder rate.
Chicago Gets Serious About Sky-High Murder Rate By Banning WESTERN COWGIRL PLAYSET…/chicago-gets-serious-about-sky-hi…/

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