Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Donald changed my mind. I'm voting for him.

Donald changed my mind. I'm voting for him. (commentary) |
"Many of the Republicans who will be voting for Donald Trump next month do not like him but they despise Hillary Clinton even more.
He certainly wasn't my first choice.
...I still thought Trump as president was a horrible joke and it wasn't until I heard from my brother Joe, who is battling fourth stage cancer, that I started opening my mind to the possibility that Trump was somehow meant to be.
Joe is a former Marine being treated at a Veteran's Hospital in the state of Washington.
He spoke passionately to me about how Trump was talking about every thing that needed to be said: Obamacare, the VA scandal, IRS corruption, criminal illegals, a corrupt DOJ and FBI covering up for Obama and Hillary.
The Democrats and our president were afraid to use the word Islamic jihadists when naming terrorists; and he liked the fact that Donald Trump said that global warming is a hoax while Obama was claiming this was a bigger threat than terrorism.
Mexico has a wall yet only Trump insists that we have one too,..

  • I had also found that a good portion of the electorate had only been exposed to a media that was both hostile and biased towards the right wing and thus getting the whole story out was quite a challenge. Few of these low-info voters understand the significance of Clinton's email scandal and Benghazi. She is ultimately responsible for the Libyan crisis because she backed the anti-Qaddafi rebels that led to his death and the destabilization of Libya. 

  1. Everything that Hillary did as Secretary of State was totally self-serving and earned the Clintons millions of dollars for their Foundation. 

  • If she wins, the Supreme Court Justices she nominates will be dismantling the Bill of Rights and the progressive tyranny of the minority will reign.

With Donald Trump as the GOP candidate, the mainstream media was not only energized to defeat him they were getting funding from billionaires like George Soros and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. 
Mr. Bezos bought the Washington Post and hired 20 extra reporters to dig up dirt on Trump. Predictably, negative Trump reports are coming out daily from the NY Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the mainstream media.
They are all in the tank for Hillary and have abandoned any journalistic ethics.
But Donald Trump is neither a Mitt Romney nor any of the other genteel Republicans who refused to get down and dirty with the opposition and ended up losing the battle.
He is a New Yorker and sometimes crude, crass and politically incorrect.
What he is not is a racist or a homophobe.
All one has to do is visit his establishments and see what he did when he took over the old Commodore Hotel and turned it into the Grand Hyatt.
Most of the staff there are blacks, Hispanics, Asians, legal immigrants and gays making a very good living.
Has anybody bothered asking Hillary how on earth she became a millionaire working for the government?
...We are sick and tired of mealy mouth politicians who betray us once we put them in office.
So come Nov. 8th, I'll have no problem voting for him.
Abraham Lincoln was told by A. K. McClure, a Pennsylvania politician that he should get rid of General Grant.
Lincoln took a long time before he answered, "I can't spare this man. He fights." 
If there's one thing this country needs in this very sick world, it's a leader who will fight.
Go Trump."

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JacquesJabber said...

Thank you for your insightful article. I agree with everything you have written. I believe the media is doing our country more harm than even the crooked politicians by keeping the truth from us. The corruption is so deep in our system that I fear we are on the verge of losing many of our freedoms if Hillary wins this election.