Saturday, October 29, 2016

‘Hillary’s America’ is already here

VIDEO: ‘Hillary’s America’ is already here:
They call it “culture shift.” 
Places, in America, that no longer look or feel like America.
Cedar Riverside in Minneapolis fits the bill, with its large Somali community known as “Little Mogadishu,” as does and Hamtramck, Michigan, where the Islamic call to prayer is shouted over loudspeakers and the local city council is now majority-Muslim.
Parts of Amarillo, Texas, have been flooded with so many Muslim refugees that some ethnic enclaves claim to have elected their own tribal leaders independent of the city government, the city’s mayor recently testified before the Texas Legislature.
Then there is Dearborn, Michigan, which is now 40 percent Muslim and spilling over into neighboring cities and towns.
Women walk the streets dressed in long, black burqas that cover all but their eyes. 
Almost all the signs on storefronts are in Arabic or some other Middle Eastern dialect.
Documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch recently drove through Dearborn, guided by a lifelong resident of the city named Brian. 
What Brian showed him was not just a culture shift but something closer to a shock..."
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