Thursday, October 20, 2016

History for October 20

History for October 20 -
John Dewey 1859 - Psychologist, philosopher, Bela Lugosi (Blasko) 1882 - Actor ("Dracula"), Ellery Queen (Frederic Dannay) 1905 - Author

Will Rogers, Jr. 1912 - Actor ("The Story of Will Rogers"), Art Buchwald 1925 - Newspaper columnist, Mickey Mantle 1931 - Baseball player

1774 - The new Continental Congress, the governing body of America’s colonies, passed an order proclaiming that all citizens of the colonies "discountenance and discourage all horse racing and all kinds of gaming, cock fighting, exhibitions of shows, plays and other expensive diversions and entertainment."

1803 - The U.S. Senate approved the Louisiana Purchase.

1818 - The U.S. and Great Britain established the boundary between the U.S. and Canada to be the 49th parallel.

1892 - The city of Chicago dedicated the World's Columbian Exposition.

1942 - Pierre Laval told the French labor that they must serve in Germany.

1947 - Hollywood came under scrutiny as the House Un-American Activities Committee opened hearings into alleged Communist influence within the motion picture industry.

1968 - Jackie Lee Bouvier Kennedy married Aristotle Onassis.

1993 - Attorney General Janet Reno warned the TV industry to limit the violence in their programs.

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