Saturday, October 22, 2016

History for October 22

History for October 22 -
Franz Liszt 1811, Curly Howard 1903, Timothy Leary 1920

Christopher Lloyd 1938 - Actor ("Taxi," "Back to the Future" movies), Annette Funicello 1942, Jeff Goldblum 1952 - Actor

1797 - Andre-Jacques Garnerin made the first recorded parachute jump. He made the jump from about 3,000 feet.

1836 - Sam Houston was inaugurated as the first constitutionally elected president of the Republic of Texas.

1844 - This day is recognized as "The Great Disappointment" among those who practiced Millerism. The world was expected to come to an end according to the followers of William Miller.

1907 - The Panic of 1907 began when depositors began withdrawing money from many New York banks.

1962 - U.S. President Kennedy went on radio and television to inform the United States about his order to send U.S. forces to blockade Cuba. The blockade was in response to the discovery of Soviet missile bases on the island.

1968 - Apollo 7 splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean. The spacecraft had orbited the Earth 163 times.

1981 - The Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization was decertified by the federal government for its strike the previous August.

1991 - The European Community and the European Free Trade Association agreed to create a free trade zone of 19 nations by the year 1993.

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