Friday, October 28, 2016

History for October 28

History for October 28 -
Jonas Salk 1914 - Medical researcher, Charlie Daniels 1936 - Singer (Charlie Daniels Band), Marcian E. "Ted" Hoff, Jr. 1937 - An inventor of the microprocessor

Dennis Franz 1944 - Actor ("NYPD Blue"), Bruce Jenner 1949 - Track and field athlete, actor ("CHiPs"), Bill H. Gates 1955- Inventor, computer programmer, co-founder of Microsoft

1636 - Harvard College was founded in Massachusetts. The original name was Court of Massachusetts Bay Colony. It was the first school of higher education in America.

1776 - The Battle of White Plains took place during the American Revolutionary War.

1793 - Eli Whitney applied for a patent for his cotton gin.

1886 - The Statue of Liberty was dedicated in New York Harbor by U.S. President Cleveland. The statue weighs 225 tons and is 152 feet tall. It was originally known as "Liberty Enlightening the World."

1904 - The St. Louis Police Department became the first to use fingerprinting.

1919 - The U.S. Congress enacted the Volstead Act, also known as the National Prohibition Act. Prohibition was repealed in 1933 with the passing of the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

1922 - Benito Mussolini took control of the Italian government and introduced fascism to Italy.

1958 - Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was elected Pope. He took the name John XXIII.

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