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October 19, 2016

Polished Deceit

By Tammy Derouin

Prior to the rise of the Obama administration, and the decline of the United States and the American people, I would have never thought that a U.S. president would intentionally target the American people and make the homeland vulnerable to our enemies.  I would have never believed that so much damage could be successfully inflicted on our country in a relatively short amount of time. His actions have turned our home into an internal battlefield among the citizens and a wide-open, unprotected target for our enemies; making it possible for them to launch attacks from within our borders.

This has not been a one man campaign against our country.  Obama is an instrument of the Left.     He didn’t single handedly take control of the press, Congress and the Supreme Court.  It was a sordid assault with many collaborators.  Although he may not have been the mastermind behind this massive assault against the United States, he seemed eager and overly enthusiastic to play his part in this massive production.   
What is truly remarkable, and very concerning, is how the powers that be managed to take control of the minds of so many Americans. A massive assault in deception had to be launched.  The deceit was then polished so well, by every arm of the administration, that the truth has become exactly what the ruling party wants us to believe.  Far too many have been blinded by the polished deceit.  The lack of resistance is truly stunning.   We were duped by a progressive syndicate with an American charlatan as their front man.

History serves as an excellent tool for unlocking the past.  It answers questions by mapping out a sequence of events.  Thanks to the records and accounts of the travelers who came before us, history not only shows the hazards which should be avoided but provides insight on how to avoid the pitfalls which will send us back to enslavement, back to the dark times...... 

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