Wednesday, October 26, 2016



Life Preserver

By Tammy Derouin

We are all products of our experiences.  Everyone will encounter a wide range of emotional events in their lifetime.  On the scale of life, we sometimes have to journey to those outermost ends of the scale.  We experience extreme highs, which we never want to end and miserable lows, which can’t end soon enough.  Finding a spot which keeps life reasonably balanced is most desirable.

As much as you would like, you cannot control everything in your life.  There will always be outside forces which will try to influence your spot on the scale. Numerous experiences will enrich your life. Many individuals and events play a positive role in shaping the path you travel.  There are also experiences where individuals or events will attempt to destroy you.  Finding a balance during such difficult times isn’t always easy. 

How you handle outside, destructive forces, plays a big part in how or if you survive the attack.  Sometimes you end up floating in misery for a while; that’s life and it’s unavoidable.  But, knowing when the life preserver has been thrown and then grabbing a hold of it, puts the control right back in your hands; tipping the scale back in your favor.  There comes a time when you have to decide, are you going to wallow and more than likely drown or are you going to swim and attempt to survive?

It truly comes down to survival.  Once you realize that your life and your liberty are priceless gifts, you will do everything you can to protect and defend them.......  

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