Wednesday, October 12, 2016



Fierce Loyalty

By Tammy Derouin

One reason our country has taken such a downward turn is that we allowed our history to slip away.  The American educational system began to disregard the importance of our existence.  This is so abundantly clear when today’s students cannot answer the most basic questions on American History.

Why did it become necessary for the colonist to sever their ties with an oppressive form of governance?  When did events take place which set us on our path to freedom?  What documents declare and protect our rights?  What personal sacrifices had to be made to guarantee our God given rights for future generations?  Why have we allowed such sacred gifts, our personal freedom, to slip away?

Our government is on a mission to destroy our freedom and to enslave us as a nation.  Our government has become the enemy of the American people.  Because we have forgotten and neglected to teach the importance of our history, we have veered way off course.  The powers that be have found a way to let the citizens themselves, destroy their very own freedom.  They are encouraging the destructive path which will eventually lead to our future prison. When history isn’t known or understood, you begin to self-inflict the very wounds which will eventually destroy you.  You become your own worst enemy. 

We take pride in the things that are important to us and instill that pride in our children.  Before you can have pride in something, you have to be taught to understand their value.  Some things are trivial.  The outcome of a game will not have a direct impact on life.  The loss of country, however, will have a devastating impact on everyone’s life.

Perhaps the largest groups, these days, of acceptable pride is with schools, teams and professional sports.  High school days may not have been perfect but there is a certain amount of pride you take with you for the rest of your life.  People argue and defend university colors, seemingly to the death.  What determines such fierce loyalty, especially for those who have no direct connection?  What draws us to certain sports teams and players?  Not one of these entities is perfect...... 

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