Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pranksters clog UF hotline to protest costume guidelines

Pranksters clog UF hotline to protest costume guidelines:
  • A hotline for University of Florida students to report culturally insensitive Halloween costumes has backfired after a Fox Sports commentator instigated a series of prank calls to the number.
  • Fox Sports commentator Clay Travis prank called the line during one of his live shows, pretending to be a gay student offended by a Harambe costume, and then shared the number with his audience.
  • Since then, at least 40 prank calls have come in, taxing the hotline's resources by forcing the school to investigate false reports.

"“...I went to a fraternity party last night and there was somebody dressed as Harambe, the gorilla, and I found it to be really racially insensitive,” Travis said on the call. 
“It’s really disappointing that the University of Florida is not taking my microaggressions seriously because, I mean, I’m really upset about this costume that I saw.”
...In addition to calling the wellness hotline, the newsletter also encouraged students to email the “U Matter, We Care” program and report offensive costumes to the Bias Education and Response Team so they can “educate those that were involved.”...

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