Thursday, October 20, 2016

State Dept Is Now a Front for Democrat Self-Enrichment Scams

State Dept Is Now a Front for Democrat Self-Enrichment Scams | The Federalist Papers:
"If the myriad pay-for-play schemes involving foreign entities, big-money donors, and the Clinton Foundation hadn’t already caused a black enough eye for the Obama State Department, we’re now learning that under the direction of Secretary of State John Kerry, the corruption and malfeasance of the department under Hillary Clinton’s years has continued rolling along.
This week a Daily Caller News Foundation report unveiled that under Kerry’s guidance, the State Department has funneled more than nine million taxpayer dollars from the Department to a relatively vague nonprofit that was founded in Kerry’s home and is being run by his daughter!
If a person ever needed a textbook example of what cronyism is and how it works, it’s the U.S. State Department and the Clinton Foundation and/or the U.S. State Department and Seed Global Health.
The hubris of these people is nothing short of startling.
...Americans of all political stripes have a blatant distrust of Washington.
We wonder how it’s possible our public servants end up gazillionaires living in gated communities and sipping champagne while flying on private jets. 
Wonder no more."

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