Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trump Video On Clinton Health Censored, Hidden From Search

Trump Video On Clinton Health Censored, Hidden From Search - Cover Up
"Inappropriateness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder and if you’re a supporter of global government and the establishment criminal syndicate that has hijacked and now poses as our government, there’s no place for truth. 
Google supports Clinton, Obama, Soros and the oligarchs so they do what they can on their behalf. 
There are reasons behind those weekly visits to the dingy-White House and censorship of what the peasant class is allowed to see and be exposed to must surely have been a topic of discussion at some point.
...Google’s protecting her from what they must have determined is a hurtful video, filled with hate speech that accurately depicts the fraud she’s attempting to perpetrate. 
...It was moved from a the public, published listings to a non-published one. The video has a one word title of “Dangerous,” but a search for dangerous turns up only multiple word results, rap videos and the like. 
A search for Dangerous Trump predictably returns negative results about the people’s candidate.
Going to the link directly, one sees a notice in a yellow ribbon, “This video is unlisted. 
Be considerate and think twice before sharing.” 
Of course Mr. Trump wants the video shared and Google knows that. It’s Clinton that wants to hide her health issues and for whom the video is being censored. 
Otherwise it’s a decent video but there’s nothing particularly noteworthy.
Just the existence of questions being asked about her health was enough to prompt Google to censor and hide it. 
That reinforces what most of us already believe, Clinton’s suffering from serious health issues which the media, and that includes Google, are hiding from the public. 
She needs to be held accountable for the deception and the questions asked now. 
The American people want an unbiased medical team to evaluate her fitness, let’s see what they are so fearful of us finding out..."

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