Here's more info on the documentary (full disclosure: I appear in it, briefly) and the issues with which it grapples. 
It deserves a wide audience and will be of particular interest to libertarians (big L and little L) and political independents who have been searching in vain for decades for pols who will create an open, fair, and just political system for all of us.
For those of us who are outside the Republican and Demcoratic parties, there's a different cast to the rigging when it comes to politics. As Nicholas Sarwark, the national chair of the Libertarian Party, told me in a recent interview, crazy and ever-changing ballot-access requirements are explicit hurdles to full participation in elections by diverse political groups. The one thing Dems and Reps can always agree on is that there's no goddamn reason to let more voices on the stage. And as HBO's John Oliver demonstrates, third-party candidates don't get taken seriously by the media even when they have more experience and credibility than major-party candidates. In The Declaration of Independents, Matt Welch and I talked about all the ways in which the political duopoly works to delegitimate and silence new and different perspectives...

Click above to watch the clip and go here to watch the full hour-long documentary
You'll be more-informed for having done so.