Wednesday, October 19, 2016

WikiLeaks posts Clinton's Goldman Sachs speeches in full

WikiLeaks posts Clinton's Goldman Sachs speeches in full - CNET:
"A week ago WikiLeaks served up an appetizer, now it seems to have dished out the main course.
The controversial site tweeted Saturday that it had posted full transcripts of paid speeches Hillary Clinton gave to financial firm Goldman Sachs.
On October 8, WikiLeaks had posted what it said were snippets from Clinton's Wall Street talks.
The site says both the excerpts and full transcripts were obtained from emails leaked after top Clinton aide John Podesta's private email account was breached. 
None of the info, however, has been verified as genuine.
The speeches have been an issue in the US presidential race, with critics saying they point to a too-cozy relationship between Democratic nominee Clinton and financial heavyweights.
Onetime Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders had pushed during the primaries for the release of transcripts, and Clinton said during an April debate that she'd release them if Sanders and now-Republican nominee Donald Trump made their tax returns public.
One of the purported speeches published Saturday has Clinton mentioning WikiLeaks' 2010 publication of more than 250,000 leaked diplomatic cables..."

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