Wednesday, November 09, 2016

A new trend? GREAT!-----Walker overwhelmingly approves term limits

Walker overwhelmingly approves term limits |
"WALKER, MI – The clock is ticking on more than half of the Walker City Commission after residents voted overwhelmingly in favor of term limits.
On Tuesday, the amendment that would limit mayor and commissioners to only two terms passed 7,858 to 3,668.
Voters approved the measure 2 to 1 in all nine of city's precincts, according to Kent County voting results.
The new rule limits commissioners to two four-year terms in office.
However, it does let them also serve as mayor for two terms, in addition to their commission time.
Inspired by a successful term limit drive in neighboring Grand Rapids two years ago, Bruce de Wit and his wife, Denise, mounted the ballot issue..."

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