Sunday, November 13, 2016

And their test scores?-----Texas School Wastes $1.35M on Sports Jumbotron

Texas School Wastes $1.35M on Sports Jumbotron:
Image result for bread and circuses quote"Texans love high school football and pump exorbitant amounts of taxpayer dollars into funding NFL-style stadiums, but now one school boasts a brand new $1.35 million state-of-the-art jumbotron system, only it remains unclear how the district plans to pay for it.
Last weekend, Seguin High School unveiled the first of two high-definition LED screens at the 61-year-old Matador Stadium where they play five home games a year.
The jumbotron is a 1,403 square foot video display with a 16-foot by 4-foot timer.
The second 10-foot tall, 19-foot wide video screen, a “tailgate board,” will face the stadium parking lot.
The combined size of the two screens will result in a whopping 1,590 square feet of Friday night techno-lights and cost the district $1.35 million.
Seguin Independent School District Superintendent Stetson Roane defended the two screen system, although it remains unclear how they intend to finance it..." 

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