Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Broken voting machines among widespread problems in metro Detroit

Broken voting machines among widespread problems in metro Detroit:
"Voters are reporting numerous Election Day problems in metro Detroit, from broken ballot machines to men in camouflage intimidating people.
Motor City Muckraker has been monitoring polling stations and fielding complaints all day. Here’s what we’ve discovered so far:
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  • At least 12 precincts in Detroit had broken ballot machines this morning.
  • Two Donald Trump supporters wearing camouflage were intimidating voters at Dort Elementary in Roseville.
  • Voting was delayed at Crowell Recreation Center in northwest Detroit because of a lack of ballots, so some people left.
  • A woman’s hand was stuck in a ballot machine at 8200 Rolyat St. in Detroit.
  • Disorganized poll workers and two-hour lines prompted some people to leave without voting in Detroit.
  • Some voters were turned away because they didn’t have ID, which is not required in Michigan.
  • Several precincts in Detroit lacked privacy booths.
  • A poll worker told voters to go home if they didn’t like the wait at 4605 Cass, where disorganization caused a two-hour wait this morning.
  • Police were called to two voting locations in northwest Detroit because of a Trump supporter yelling at voters.
  • People who registered to vote on the last day aren’t showing up on some voter rolls in Detroit.
  • At precinct 20 in Sterling Heights, voters were told to place their ballots on a table because the machine wasn’t working..."

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