Monday, November 28, 2016

Castro’s Socialism and Death

Castro’s Socialism and Death | Frontpage Mag:
"In the fall of 1962, Fidel Castro urged his Soviet allies to wipe out the United States.
The Butcher of Havana told Khrushchev to “to eliminate this danger forever”. 
By that he meant destroying the United States of America in a nuclear assault.
“However harsh and terrible the solution, there would be no other,” he reasoned.
The Soviet leader replied warning of a “war of extermination” with “millions of deaths". 
He called Castro’s proposal, the “start of a thermonuclear world war”.
Khrushchev flinched from an orgy of death that would have wiped out most of the US, the USSR and Cuba. 
Castro did not. 
He was willing to see the world die rather than yield power.
Now the dictator who liked to shout, “Socialism or Death” is dead and out of power.
Castro’s slogan was “Socialism or Death”. 
But his real legacy was “Socialism and Death”..."
Send to you friends who buy into the Castro-lie.
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