Thursday, November 10, 2016

DETROIT: Top school board candidate wins with 4% of vote

DETROIT: Top school board candidate wins with 4% of vote |
"Voters in Detroit elected seven members of the newly created Detroit Public Schools Community District Board of Education, though none of them received more than 4 percent of the vote.
A total of 63 Detroit residents filed to run for seats on the board, which was created after state officials dissolved Detroit Public Schools and created the new district as a fresh start for the city’s students after decades of dysfunction.
detroitschoolboard...Last month, the Free Press reported that the majority of those running for the new Detroit school board face legal, financial or criminal problems, including 12 candidates who had filed for bankruptcy, 13 who had lost properties for failing to pay their taxes or mortgages, and 28 who had been sued over unpaid bills or other defaults.
Of those who won Tuesday, LaMar Lemmons lost an eviction case in 2005, while Peterson-Mayberry filed for bankruptcy in 2003, faced a default judgement for $1,174 in 2007, and was evicted in 2008.
Hunter-Harvill has also had money problems, including a property she lost in 2013 over $233,473 she owed to a lender, and two small default judgements against her in 2002 and 2015, according to the Free Press.
Fox 2 also pointed out that the Lemmons family has a history of stacking local ballots with family members. LaMar and Georgia Lemmons appeared on the 2016 school board ballot with Georgia’s sister, Bettie Jean Alexander, who received a mere 1 percent of the vote Tuesday..."

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