Saturday, November 05, 2016

Free Speech! (Does Not Include Legal Bills and Career Ruin)

Free Speech! (Does Not Include Legal Bills and Career Ruin) :: SteynOnline
"The assault on free speech continues around the world.
In Australia, the Section 18C "hate speech" case against three Queensland University of Technology students has been thrown out by the Federal Court.
I mentioned this travesty in my Oz tour earlier this year: 
A group of students walked into a QUT computer lab only to be told it was an "aboriginal-only" computer lab and made to leave. 
Apparently, aborigines have an entirely different Windows operating system. 
So the guys went back to their rooms and made a few sardonic comments on Facebook, such as "I wonder where the white supremacist computer lab is."
For reacting to neo-segregationism with droll self-mockery, they were dragged into a three-year legal nightmare. 
My pal Tim Blair is celebrating this as a landmark victory against the totalitarian thought-police of the Australian "Human Rights" Commission, but, as I always say, the process is the punishment:
Some of them choose to pay $5000 just to make the whole thing go away, so afraid of being labelled racists are they. Others choose to fight this patent injustice, even though they're being sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is ruining their lives, and even an ultimate victory in the courts is a loss. The process is the punishment, as author Mark Steyn endlessly reminds us.
I do - because it's true. 
For years to come, whenever any prospective employer Googles these guys' names, the first zillion things to come up will be that they're hatey-hatey-haters. 
Image result for assault on free speechUntil, deep within the search engine, the Google algorithm will belatedly turn up a story explaining that the case was dismissed.
Not everyone can withstand what these three students withstood. Which is why four of the seven accused caved in and coughed up rather than risk the possibility of a quarter-million-dollar fine and the certainty of career ruin..."
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