Sunday, November 06, 2016

History for November 6

History for November 6 -
Charles Henry Dow 1851 - Journalist, economist, John Philip Sousa 1854 - American commander, composer, conductor, James Naismith 1861 - Inventor of basketball in 1891

James Jones 1921 - Soldier, journalist, author, Sally Field 1946 - Actress ("Smokey and the Bandit"), Pat Tillman 1976 - Soldier, football player

1860 - Abraham Lincoln was elected to be the sixteenth president of the United States.

1894 - William C. Hooker received a patent for the mousetrap.

1903 - Philippe Bunau-Varilla, as Panama's ambassador to the United States, signed the Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty. The document granted rights to the United States to build and indefinitely administer the Panama Canal Zone and its defenses.

1917 - During World War I, Candian forces take the village of Passchendaele, Belgium, in the Third Battle of Ypres.

1923 - Jacob Schick was granted a patent for the electric shaver.

1935 - Edwin H. Armstrong announced his development of FM broadcasting.
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1961 - In the Saraha Desert of Algeria, a natural gas well ignited when a pipe ruptured. The flames rose between 450 feet and 800 feet. The fire burned until April 28, 1962 when a team led by Red Adair used explosives to deprived the fire of oxygen. (Devil's Cigarette Lighter)
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1977 - 39 people were killed when an earthen dam burst, sending a wall of water through the campus of Toccoa Falls Bible College in Georgia.

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