Thursday, November 03, 2016

Hollow E'en :: SteynOnline

Hollow E'en :: SteynOnline:
A year and a half ago I bumped into Democrat pollster and longtime Clinton aide Doug Schoen in the green room in London just ahead of our respective Fox News appearances. 
...Leaving the studio, I ran into Doug emerging from makeup and he upbraided me for my hostility to Hillary - which I felt bad about, because I've always gotten on well with him, and we have a shared interest in demography and whatnot. 
Twenty months later, Doug has caught up to my view:
Schoen: I'm a Democrat, and I worked for Bill Clinton, but I can't vote for Hillary
Key quote:
Image result for hillary power hungryRussian President Vladimir Putin said (tongue-in-cheek) that we are not a banana republic.‎ I greatly fear we could become one if Secretary Clinton is elected president.
Which was my point way back in March last year.
Victor Davis Hanson tries to put together the FBI investigation, Wikileaks and all the rest and figure out what's driving Bill and Hillary:
For the Clintons, power is the narcotic of being sought out, of being surrounded by retainers, of bringing enemies to heel and enticing sycophants with benefits. Liberalism and progressivism are mere social and cultural furniture, the "correct" politics of their background that one mouths and exploits to obtain and maintain political clout — and to get really, really rich without guilt or apology.
Unlike Obama, Hillary is not a committed ideologue: 
There is no policy end she desires, there is only an urge to power, with policy and platforms as a discreet veiling of that urge..."
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