Monday, November 07, 2016

Iraqi F-16’s Bomb ISIS Hotel Pool Party

Iraqi F-16’s Bomb ISIS Hotel Pool Party – American Military News:
"Iraqi F-16 fighter jets bombed an ISIS “war room” meeting at a hotel pool in Mosul, Iraq late Tuesday night, killing 67 ISIS militants.
The attack occurred at roughly 11 pm Tuesday night as a part of the offensive on the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, Iraq, according to Kurdish media outlet Rudaw.
The ISIS fighters met at what used to be Ninawa International, a five-star hotel that was taken over by ISIS after they seized the city of Mosul back in 2014.
The hotel, which is located north of Mosul’s al-Andalus neighborhood, was later reopened by ISIS and renamed “Inheritor’s Hotel.”
The local ministry of propaganda previously posted pictures showing jihadis refurbishing the hotel, including one of workmen hammering away at intricate carvings on the front deemed idolatrous..."

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