Wednesday, November 02, 2016




By Tammy Derouin

This past week brought another round of information that would have sunk any other individual in the American political system.  In this progressive, Left leaning world we have created, anyone with a D behind their name seems to be immune to rules and laws. 

There is hope that truth and justice will finally be served now that the FBI has reopened the Clinton email scandal. Will this finally bring down Hillary Clinton?  We know she is corrupt.  The evidence has been mounting for decades.  Will this be the one which finally slaps the cuffs on her?  But, does justice even exist anymore?  Our system of justice has been corrupted and perverted just like every other branch and department in our government.

For far too many years we have watched our government ignore procedures and laws.  We have also witnessed the employment of ruthless tactics against those who dare to oppose their agenda.  The scales of justice have been heavily manipulated; calibrated to favor the liberal, progressive, Democratic Party. 

To add fuel to the fire, more examples of voter fraud are being revealed as well.......

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