Wednesday, November 16, 2016



Spawn of Hatred

By Tammy Derouin

The American people made a very important statement.   The time has come to reclaim our government.  The people have had enough of runaway lawlessness.  We are fed up with the corruption, scandals, targeting, weakening, dictatorial actions and the suicidal course put before us by the Obama administration.  We refused to transfer our future to a different vehicle going down the same dark, destructive path.

The awakening has begun. Our course had to be altered before we found ourselves forever lost in darkness.  There is hope that we can, over time, recover from the damage and willful attempts to destroy our country by those who currently dwell within our government.  It’s not going to be easy and it isn’t going to happen overnight.  The first step is to identify the problem.  The second step is to remove it from our system.  A nationwide decision was cast to take back our lives, our future and our country. 

Our founding fathers established a revolutionary system of governance.  We were to be a land of laws not of men.  We must restrict and restrain our government within the confines of the Constitution.  Actions, laws and policy must be made within the boundaries of the Constitution regardless of party lines.  We the people control the government but, we must learn and understand the Constitution in order to uphold it.

These past eight years have been extremely difficult.  We watched as our nation changed and transformed into a system of government so distant from our founding principles.  It was difficult to watch dependency replace independence and willful enslavement replace freedom.  Lawlessness was applauded and those who stood for truth and justice were vilified.  Facts became irrelevant and fiction was becoming reality.   

What I found most astonishing was the influence of hatred and how it took hold of so many.  So many Americans were used and allowed themselves to be used by their own party.  They were used to stir up problems and create unrest against fellow Americans. Destructive actions were being encouraged as false narratives were being created.  This sent shock waves of hate and destruction through many American cities.  Hatred and unrest did not rise to such levels without help.  It was carefully cultivated.  History will trace the spawn of hatred to the Obama administration........

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