Wednesday, November 30, 2016



Our Republic

By Tammy Derouin

I was blessed to be a student during the 1980’s.  My junior and senior high school days took place under the watch of the Reagan administration.  I remember hearing how patriotism was reborn under Reagan.  The country was still healing from Vietnam and Reagan helped to mend some of those wounds.  The country was also recovering from the Iranian Hostage Crisis and an oil crisis. The Cold War continued but its days were numbered.  We were in need of a strong leader.

Getting our country back on track has been a reoccurring theme for far too many years.  Although there will never be another Reagan, there is renewed hope that steps will be made to turn us back in the right direction. The United States is a Republic.  We took a wrong turn and allowed our country to travel down a path of self-destruction.  Our Republic began to fade as the tyranny of a dictator began to emerge. 

What is truly sad is that a generation has grown up under eight years of a scandal ridden administration.  The Obama administration imposed its will, not the will of the people, on the nation.  Abuse of power thrived. How was it possible for so many to get away with so much? It was as if there was a non-stop assembly line, shipping out all of the manufactured anti-American schemes, directly from the White House...... 

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