Monday, November 21, 2016

Media insanity over Trump win continues

Media insanity over Trump win continues – Da Tech Guy Blog:
"The leftist group MoveOn got its start as Bill Clinton was being impeached.
Their initial message was along the lines of, Bubba has done a great job running the country, his affair with Monica Lewinsky was inappropriate, and now it’s time for Americans to, well, move on.
...Dahleen Glanton, an African American Chicago Tribune columnist, puts the blame on the Democrats failure to keep the White House on where she feels it belongs. 
Yet the first sentence of that column betrays how foolish she is, “I don’t understand women.” 
Her dazzling display of ignorance continues for another two dozen paragraphs.
There must be vile fumes from the Chicago River poisoning the minds of Chicago newspaper columnists, as ignorance begets insanity. 
...Dana Milbank of the Washington Post, who was exposed as a colluder with the Democratic National Committee by WikiLeaks, is calling the incoming Trump administration “the fake news presidency.” 
Yet two months ago Milbank was covering for Clinton’s “deplorables” gaffe by claiming that “she might have low-balled the number.”...

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