Monday, November 07, 2016

Quebec Will Start Looking Like Afghanistan!

Quebec Will Start Looking Like Afghanistan! | Gates of Vienna:
"The following video is from a debate in Quebec’s Legislative Assembly in Quebec City about proposed religious accommodations for the province. 
Muslims in Quebec have been agitating for their interests, and the new proposals would favor them while pretending to be religiously neutral.
Notice that the two women in this video have diametrically opposite opinions about the same declared facts. 
One of them thinks Quebec will end up just like Afghanistan, and is appalled by the prospect, while the other thinks it would be just fine. 
All hail Diversity!
Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:
00:00We’ll allow chador and the hijab, of course — that also
00:04does not cover the face — in the nurseries and
00:08in public schools, where it is the most present. There will be possible accommodations
00:12for the niqab and the burka. We will allow
00:16the religious menus in the nurseries. Quebec will start
00:20looking like Afghanistan! —Quebec is enriched by this diversity.
00:24Madame Mailloux, I deeply believe it. —To hear the Minister
00:28of Justice say that the veil is just an article of clothing, is something deeply shocking,
A chart about clothes!

The liberal government of Jean Charest had allowed the establishment of a network
of 122 care centers in 2006, which obtained a grant of nearly 20 million for six years...
01:28Religious organizations are exempt from income, property, municipal and school taxes.
01:32No citizen in Quebec has right to such
01:36privileges. With this law project in the child care services,
01:41we’ll allow a nutritional diet based on religious grounds. This law project
01:45allows the chador and the hijab. In this way children will continue to be exposed
01:49to hijab in our schools and our nurseries. —I’m telling you, because I know them very well,
01:54there are parents who chose for their children to have this contact
01:57with diversity. An there is, for the parents, this need
02:05to put their children in contact with diversity. From a very young age.
02:09We are going to create, in a way, the ideal conditions for
02:13this claiming of rights by the political-religious lobbies,
02:17for those would-be theocrats who are the fringe, the most intolerant and the most
02:21uncompromising of all religious groups, and which contribute at the same time
02:25to increase pressure, especially on the Muslims. We know that there are,
02:29here in Quebec, associations that claim to be inspired
Muslim Association of Canada: Allah is our goal, the prophet our leader, the Quran our constitution,
jihad our way, martyrdom our greatest hope
02:33by the thought of the Muslim Brotherhood, while others are communists.
02:37Those people are active in their communities and towards their representatives
02:41Their common, ultimate goal is imposing the Shariah and they use
02:45different strategies to reach their aims. Entryism
02:49by different demands for accommodations is one of their strategies, and
02:54the hijab they are imposing on women and girls is their Trojan Horse.
02:58This law project is simply going to throw open the doors of our public institutions for them.

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