Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Stranded In The Academic Archipelago

Stranded In The Academic Archipelago | The American Conservative:
Jon Askonas, a reader studying at Oxford for his PhD, writes:
The Chronicle of Higher Education ran an article with a quick and dirty analysis of the university bubble as shown by county-by-county voter data comparing the counties where a state’s flagship public university is located and the overall state average. Obviously this is “noisy data”, but it is still absolutely astounding.

Two graphs below. First one shows states and flagship universities. But then I used the data to make one that displays the difference. In almost half of all the states, there was a TWENTY POINT difference between how much a state supported Hillary and how much the flagship university county did. No wonder the response from the ivory tower to a Trump victory has been so out of touch with the mood in the rest of America.
I have not used the first graf, because it belongs to the Chronicle (you can see it by following the link). But the second one, created by Jon, is here, and it is astonishing:
In other news from the self-exiles in the Academic Archipelago:

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