Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Double Standard in Environmental Protection

The Double Standard in Environmental Protection [Michigan Capitol Confidential]:
Image result for gold king hypocrisy"There appears to be a double standard when it comes to the enforcement of environmental law. When a private individual or business harms the environment, regulators rush to identify perpetrators, begin enforcement proceedings, and fine or jail those responsible. 
Policymakers and the media often seize the opportunity to call for tighter government controls.
But when the government itself damages the environment, regulators, politicians, the media and the public show much less interest in holding anyone accountable.
They tend to just shrug their shoulders and move on.
If we want to maintain and protect the amazingly beautiful and fruitful Michigan environment, we must enforce environmental standards equally for private individuals, businesses and government alike.
But government regularly harms Michigan’s natural environment and what follows are several examples of these incidences — just from the past few months.
In each case, the government agencies or employees responsible for the damage faced little to no consequence for their actions. 
Our reluctance to address government-caused environmental impacts must end..."
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