Saturday, November 19, 2016

The left's new weapon, "Fake News"-----After Trump’s win, Twitter bans right-wingers, and Facebook targets “fake news”

After Trump’s win, Twitter bans right-wingers, and Facebook targets “fake news” - The Rebel: "Countless right wing Twitter accounts have just been shut down by that company and its social justice warrior CEO, Jack Dorsey.
Now, of course, Twitter is a private company, even if it is rather like a public utility, like a phone company.
It has terms of service.
And those terms of service say that Twitter users can’t threaten violence or stalk people.
But Twitter cut off people who were not breaking their terms of service, or being threatening or violent in any way.
They are simply right wing.
It would be like a cell phone company cutting off your phone because you were talking about right wing things.
 Just saying things Jack Dorsey and his significant shareholder, Saudi Prince Al Waleed, don’t like.
We’ve shown you before how pervasive this left-wing censorship is at Google, Facebook, and of course, Twitter.
And they were all in for Clinton, and now she’s gone.
And the other new thing is “fake news”: 
That means any news that liberals don’t like will be banned.
They don’t mean, say, NBC faking news with Brian Williams, or CBS faking news with Dan Rather, or when CNN leaked debate questions in advance to Hillary Clinton.
It took Jack Dorsey precisely one week to get over his sadness about losing, and move to his next stage: anger. 
To ban and smash and censor.
To do precisely all the things he said he was so worried Trump will do.

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