Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The North Carolina governor’s race may come down to voter fraud questions

The North Carolina governor’s race may come down to voter fraud questions « Hot Air:
And I bet most of you thought the 2016 elections were over, right? 
Dream on. 
In North Carolina, the gubernatorial election is still being counted and with more than 4.6 million ballots having been cast, barely 5,000 votes separate Governor Pat McCrory and his challenger, Roy Cooper. 
The local ABC outlet reports that the final canvass is set for Friday, but as the Washington Post notes, this race is about to get ugly and we may not know the winner until after Thanksgiving.
...This one isn’t just going to come down to counting the rest of the military and absentee ballots. 
If that were the case, there’s a good chance that McCrory would simply lose a very close race. 
But yesterday a formal protest was filed in Bladen County challenging over 400 fraudulent votes that stem from an “absentee ballot mill” run by a Democratic PAC. 
The details of that one look pretty bad. 
There were stacks of straight Democratic ticket ballots turning up, most of which had “suspiciously” similar handwriting on the witness signature line.
...This looks bad all the way around. A Superior Court Judge was recently quoted as saying, “Durham historically hasn’t figured out how to carry out an election properly.” 
Also, the State Bureau of Investigation has opened up an investigation of the processing of provisional and absentee ballots..."

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