Monday, November 14, 2016

Turkey Warns Citizens to Avoid Anti-Trump Protests in US Cities

Turkey Warns Citizens to Avoid Anti-Trump Protests in US Cities:
"Turkey has warned its citizens living in or traveling to the United States to avoid "social tensions" in major American cities, such as angry protests against Donald Trump's presidential election victory.
Image result for Recent Suicide Bombing in TurkeyThe Ankara government on Saturday also advised caution for any visitors who might encounter "racist" outbursts, which many Americans see as the action of extremists possibly emboldened by Trump's comments critical of immigrants.
Turkey did not specifically cite postelection political turmoil in the United States in connection with either of its warnings.
A Turkish Foreign Ministry statement urged Turks "to be vigilant due to the risks linked to current events and social tensions."
Turkey, which itself has been the subject of frequent travel warnings by Western governments in recent months, also noted "the increase, over the last few days, of verbal and physical aggression of a xenophobic or racist nature across the U.S."..."

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