Tuesday, December 06, 2016

1 in 5 D.C. Killers Were Set Free by "Sentencing Reform"

1 in 5 D.C. Killers Were Set Free by "Sentencing Reform" | Frontpage Mag
"Sentencing reform, a euphemism that the pro-crime lobby uses to mean going soft on criminals, is championed by the left and by some elements on the right. 
This Washington Post story shows the terrible effects of sentencing reform on the victims of criminals freed to rape and kill.
Hundreds of criminals sentenced by D.C. judges under an obscure local law crafted to give second chances to young adult offenders have gone on to rob, rape or kill residents of the nation’s capital.
The original intent of the law was to rehabilitate inexperienced criminals under the age of 22. The District’s Youth Rehabilitation Act allows for shorter sentences for some crimes and an opportunity for offenders to emerge with no criminal record. But a Washington Post investigation has found a pattern of violent offenders returning rapidly to the streets and committing more crimes. Hundreds have been sentenced under the act multiple times.
In dozens of cases, D.C. judges were able to hand down Youth Act sentences shorter than those called for under mandatory minimum laws designed to deter armed robberies and other violent crimes. The criminals have often repaid that leniency by escalating their crimes of violence upon release.
Because that's how criminals work. 
This isn't a surprise to anyone who knows anything about the criminal justice system. The mythical "kid just locked up for smoking pot once" touted by sentencing reform advocates is just that. A myth. The system is full of repeat offenders who take advantage of every loophole thanks to their lawyers and then continue committing more crimes, going in and out of the system.
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