Sunday, December 11, 2016

Environmentalist Hyperventilates At Tucker Carlson

Environmentalist Hyperventilates At Tucker Carlson | The Daily Caller:
"Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked a liberal environmental activist to give one concrete reason why she opposed President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to head the EPA. 
She couldn’t, and instead went on an unhinged rant.
Carlson’s guest was Erin Schrode, a former Democratic California House candidate, who compared Trump to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, as both were dubbed TIME’s “Man of The Year.”
...When Carlson asked which regulations Pruitt wanted to slash, Schrode was unable to name any. Carlson asked Schrode if she had a “degree in the hard sciences,” to which she replied that her degree is in “social and cultural analysis,” and was the co-founder of an environmental advocacy non-profit.

Carlson noted that starting an environmental non-profit with no science background is “a little weird.” 
This infuriated Schrode, who claimed that Pruitt was a “climate denier” and a “puppet of the fossil fuel industry.”
“All regulations are good and anyone who challenges them is an accomplice to Hitler’s rise, is a denier,” Carlson summarized Schrode’s statement. “That’s not the kind of conversation that leads to solutions, it’s the kind that leads to demonizing other people, and that’s bad.”
Schrode responded that Trump “built a whole campaign” around hate speech, and said Republicans have done the kind of demonization Carlson complained about.
“You just compared this guy to Hitler, and then with a straight face, you’re going to accuse him of engaging in hate speech?” Carlson replied. “I can barely hear the irony alarm is so loud in the background.”...

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