Friday, December 02, 2016

Facebook suspends user over American flag image

Facebook suspends user over American flag image - The American MirrorThe American Mirror:
"On Wednesday morning, Facebook, the social media site increasingly known as the “world’s most dangerous censor,” told yours truly that a picture depicting an eagle and a U.S. flag violates their “community standards,” and further issued a 30-day ban.  
Worse yet, I never even posted the photo.
Here’s the initial message:

That message was followed up with this:

Earlier this week, the social media giant unpublished the popular “Wake Up, America” page, prompting the page owner to create a new page.  
It’s also interesting to note that the owner of the page was once banned by Facebook over a photo of a 2012 Donald Trump campaign button the site falsely claimed violated their rules on nudity.  
he photo only showed Trump’s face.
Let’s be clear — nothing about this image violates the company’s standards, and this action was no mistake.  
It was done on purpose..."

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